We can fix ourselves when the system stops frustrating us – Spaa Media CEO tells gov’t


Social media users in Ghana are still adhering to the hashtag #FixTheCountry in droves to pressure the government to improve it’s citizens’ lives.

CEO of Spaa Media and Tapioca Festival, Seth Priceless Ala-Amegavie has responded to the group of people who are clamoring for the people of Ghana to fix themselves before calling on the government to fix the country that fixing the country automatically fixes the people.

The Entrepreneur has shared on his Facebook page of how he was refused an opportunity to do “Ada Excellence Awards” with Ada Asafotufiam Festival, five years ago.

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Mr. Amegavie explained that the present movement came about out of a feeling among the youth of not being heard by their leaders and government officials.

He has also highlighted some pressing needs of the citizens of Ghana.

When we asked for this country to be fixed, it is because we want things to work.

We can #FixOurselves when the system stops frustrating us, when there are checks and balances, when the environment enables creative people to earn a handsome living.” he said.

You will certainly not understand why the call to #FixTheCountryGhanaNow makes so much sense until you try doing for yourself in this country.

The NDC/NPP you follow right now that you are willing to die for don’t care about you. We say governance is a continues structure, they don’t see it that way. This is the reason why there are a lot of uncompleted and abandoned projects in this country. Everyone wants self-aggrandizement, wastage of state resources in the name of politics(NPP and NDC). To think it is their personal resources or pocket monies that was used to finance the project.

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The system right now is designed for you to fail otherwise how does it makes sense that you design a plan that helps the whole society but the leaders of same society will frustrate you till you give up.” he added.

Mr. Amegavie believes that it’s imperative that the government works at fixing the system because that will automatically fix the people in the country.

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