Togorme Police Station abandoned in the bush

A Police Station at Togorme

A police station at Torkor/Togorme in the Volta region has been abandoned in the bush.

Togorme is a sub-community under the Kpando assembly in the Volta region with a population of about 2,000 inhabitants living in the community. The newly build a police station in the community has been abandoned in the bush for 6 years now.

According to Wota Anko, a citizen of Togorme has narrated to Datalink TV that the police station was constructed under the NDC administration, and due to a change of government the police station has been abandoned in the bush. He also complained about how armed robbers have been stealing their animals in the community due to the abandoned police station.

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Wota Anko has pleaded to the government to complete projects that were started by the NDC administration before they left power.

According to him, completing those projects will bring a big benefit to communities that are beneficial to those projects.

Watch the video below:

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