Tapioca Festival: The Ada Experience


Tapioca Festival announces the maiden edition of its annual festival.

The elections may have taken over the discussions in the country, however, life must go on and when the dust settles, people will look forward to having an enjoyable Christmas.

Thankfully, Tapioca Festival is on hand to help kick start the celebrations with its Afriqa Jet-ski Championship on Saturday, December 19.

Spaa Media is pleased to announce the maiden edition of its annual festival, The Afriqa Jet-ski Championship.

Tapioca Festival

The Afriqa Jetski Open Championship is an event designed to give water sports lovers the platform to entertain themselves. This is an introduction to the many ways of the new bold normal of “Living with the virus”.

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The novel COVID-19 has distorted our ways of living, while the world goes in search for a cure, we will have to adjust our sail and relent not on protocols but also learn to live with the virus in our society.

The open championship therefore comes as a get-away entertainment event from the stress of the virus.

“As controlled measure, this event is strictly by registration for not more than a hundred people. The safety of our participants is so paramount that we have arranged extra precaution for ambulance, fire, security and health professionals to help the event meet expectations.”

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Mr. Seth Priceless Ala-Amegavie, Founder of Tapioca Festival.

Tapioca Festival’s founder Mr. Seth Priceless Ala-Amegavie says all participants will go through checkup of all COVID-19 protocols at the event.


The championship is opened to all nationals living in Ghana from 15– 50years.


The event will allow only two disciplines as follows:

1.       Closed circuit: regulations require that the path does not exceed 1300m in length. The circuit is marked out by different colored buoys: yellow (right turn) and red (left turn). Riders are required to complete a set number of 10 laps. You’re disqualified if you skip a buoy in the race. For our maiden edition, this will be a race against time.

This discipline is opened to amateurs and professionals.

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2.       Free style: Riders will be given a duration of 3 minutes to perform a rehearsed routine, one at a time. The stunts will be evaluated by a team of three expert judges. The evaluation criteria are: quality, quantity and variety. The most common moves are Back-flip, Barrel Roll, 360, Superman and Submarine.


Winner prizes are as follows:

Winner: a trophy and cash price Ghs 10,000

1st Runner-up: silver medal and cash price GhS 7,000

2nd Runner-up: bronze medal and cash price Ghs 5,000


Registration closes on 15th December 2020.  

To register for the Afriqa Jet-ski open championship, please click here

Afriqa Jet-ski Championship
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