Spaa Media announces 4th edition of Tapioca Festival

Tapioca Festival

Spaa Media has announced the fourth edition of its annual festival, Tapioca Festival 2021.

Spaa Media is a cutting-edge media agency focused on creating varied content for the world market. Instituted on the existence of divergent values of dynamism, assertiveness, passion, persistence, and creativity, Spaa Media aims to beckon a story that produces a foundation of inspiration to express the growth of an enterprise craving to develop a worldwide brand.

After the first three spectacular editions with unmatched successes, the fourth edition promises nothing less than a thrilling experience in the historic town of Ada. The festival again aims to boost tourism, its allied businesses, services, culture, and rich arts of Africa under the theme: “The Bold Step.”

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According to the founder of Tapioca Festival, Seth Priceless Ala-Amegavie, this year’s event will not only be experiential of the finest talents across Africa but will also be characterized by innovative strategies needed to embrace their abilities and break free from the limitations to what the African is capable of achieving.

We’re excited to be leading an experience that will take people out of their boxes. The Pandemic is a second chance at life to challenge the odds with some balls,” he added.

He also pointed out, this year festivities will have monthly remote experiences spread out through the year, starting from May 15th and climaxed in December 2021. The introduction of an award scheme to celebrate arts innovation across Africa, thus, the AFRICA ARTS AWARDS, is the new inclusion to the upcoming experience.

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Other lined up events include Festival of Conversations, Arts Exhibition, Trade and Investment Fair, Communal Murals, Film Exhibition, among other surprises. Complete and more detailed activities are attached to Tapiocativities.

Spaa Media looks forward to continuing its good relationship with sponsors, the press, artists, arts, culture and history enthusiasts, and patrons in general. For participation and media accreditation, interested people must contact the Marketing and Communications Desk for more details via

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