Prampram Paramount chief pens down a letter to Education Ministry


Paramount Chief of Prampram calls on Education Ministry to enforce the teaching of the Ga language in schools.

The Paramount Chief of Prampram Traditional Area, Nene Tetteh Waka III has lamented the phasing out of the Ga language in some schools in the Greater Accra region.

Nene Waka, therefore, called on the Ministry of Education to make it a priority to train teachers to take up the subject.

Read the full statement below:


Dear Ministry of Education,

The time has come to reinforce the teaching and learning of Ga and Dangme languages in all basic schools in Greater Accra.

In utmost humility, I ask, why would the Ga language be treated with such disdain on its own land?

Hitherto, there’ve been general concerns in relation to the issue I’ve raised above, where some schools in Accra no longer teach Ga even though there are Ga children, or pupils, who ideally would have opted to read Ga.

The seeming disregard for the language is quite worrying. I just can’t comprehend why some Ga children are gradually being deprived of the opportunity to learn the Ga language in our very schools on Ga land.

That notwithstanding, what is dissuading the Ghana Education Service from making it mandatory for schools in Accra, to at least, offer Ga as a constant option for their students? Will it be kindly taken, if for instance, Twi or Ewe is no longer taught in schools located in the Ashanti or Volta region but Ga or any other indigenous language?

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It is an indelible fact that promoting and further developing the languages of other tribes in Greater Accra is a good move because after all, the peace and stability Ghana is currently enjoying have been borne out through unity in diversity, but it should not be done at the expense of our ‘dear Ga language’.

Again, the calling of the Valley View University Basic School on the government to produce more and qualified Ga teachers to come to teach the subject in the school since teachers are limited to teaching the language in that particular school is a clear indication that the language is under threat, and sooner than later it may be relegated to the background in that school.

It’s because of this revelation that I’m humbly calling on the Ghana Education Service and government at large; to act swiftly to intervene and rescue or extricate our Ga language from further falling. To further strengthen the records, the only way to salvage the language is by promoting Ga literature, and intensifying the teaching of the language in our schools.

If it will be considered prudent for Ga children to learn other local Ghanaian languages, then why not their own mother tongue? I am proudly a Ghanaian, a Ga-Adangme for that matter, and it’s with good intent and will that I also share my opinion on this sad and unfortunate reality.

The Time Is Now!

Long Live Ga-Adangme Land!

Long Live the Prampram Paramountcy!

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