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DG of NADMO opened a 4-day training programme on Post-Disaster Needs Assessment


Director-General of NADMO, Hon Eric Nana Agyeman-Prempeh opened a 4-day Training Programme on Post-Disaster Needs Assessment.

Today, Monday 22nd March 2021 the Director-General Hon Eric Nana Agyeman-Prempeh opened a 4-day Training Programme on Post-Disaster Needs Assessment held at the NADMO HQ.

Source: FB/NADMO Ghana

The Objectives of the training include;

a. To train a pool of recovery specialists on the PDNA and DRF approaches and methodologies and establish a group of professionals and civil servants able to undertake needs assessment on the ground and coach others in the country and their respective regions in using the PDNA and DRF methodologies.

b. Enhance the capacity of National Platform members to create a pool of experienced actors in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaption at the sub-regional level.

c. Analyze partners’ roles, responsibilities and capacities and the way forward for more effective national platform.

d. Enhance the political will and sensitization of Government at the national level for implementation of adopted strategy, plan of action, Sendai framework and ECOWAS policies.

It is worthy to note that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Protocol regarding conflict Prevention, management, peacekeeping, and security of 1999 is structured to undertake humanitarian actions to lessen predicaments of member states affected by disasters with a view of building resilience and better-coping capacities.

He used the opportunity to also note that the PDNA and DRF’s significance cannot be over-emphasized. It would go a long way to help our country to be better prepared in the face of disasters by building a more resilient multi-sectorial team with apt technical know-how in disaster management.

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A giant python met its untimely death in Fieve


A giant python met its untimely death when it raided a cattle ranch some few meters after Tongu fruits in Fieve in the Volta Region.

According to Adzovi Sika, its struggle to swallow a calf was hit so hard with a machete that it left the calf dead in the ranch.

Source: Adzovi Sika

“The beautifully chancy reptile had its head cut off with several wounds on its hard skin. The machete used on him got dismantled,” she said.

Newsfile360.com gathered that the reptile is a male and according to the residents, they are expecting the female since they move in pairs.

From time immemorial, “aɖɔdzi” and “amu” (parts of the volta lake) has been a home for variety of snakes. And once in a while they come out to hunt. she added.

Source: Adzovi Sika

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African Poet, Obert Dube mourns President John Magufuli

Obert Dube mourns Tanzania President John Magufuli.

Tanzania President John Magufuli died on Wednesday, 17th March 2021 from heart complications at a hospital in Dar es Salaam, Samia Suluhu Hassan said in an address on state television. Mr. Magufuli had not been seen in public for more than two weeks, and rumors had been circulating about his health.

Victoria Falls-based award-winning praise poet, Obert Dube who paid school fees for about 300 underprivileged children in Matabeleland North last year has led tributes following the death of the Tanzania President, John Magufuli.

Dube, whose Africa Day poem titled Africa moved pan-Africanists around the continent last year, said it was “deeply saddened” to hear of the 61-year-old’s passing.

“What is said today, not for Tanzanians’ but entire Africa. Death is robbed, as Magufuli is gone.” it said.

“It is rated, a selfless and courageous leader is no more. Hero’s don’t rest in peace but rest in power.”

Born in Chato, Tanzania in 1959, President John Magufuli has served as the fifth president of Tanzania from 2015 until he died in 2021. He served as Minister of Works, Transport and Communications from 2000 to 2005 and 2010 to 2015 and was chairman of the Southern African Development Community from 2019 to 2020.

First elected as a Member of Parliament in 1995, he served in the Cabinet of Tanzania as Deputy Minister of Works from 1995 to 2000, Minister of Works from 2000 to 2005, Minister of Lands and Human Settlement from 2006 to 2008, Minister of Livestock and Fisheries from 2008 to 2010, and as Minister of Works for a second time from 2010 to 2015.

Running as the candidate of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), the country’s dominant party, Magufuli won the October 2015 presidential election and was sworn in on 5 November 2015; he was re-elected in 2020. He ran on a platform of reducing government corruption and spending while also investing in Tanzania’s industries but was accused of having had increasingly autocratic tendencies seen in restrictions on freedom of speech and a crackdown on members of the political opposition.

Magufuli was known for promoting misinformation about COVID-19 during his leadership over the pandemic in Tanzania. After a lengthy absence from public appearances, unconfirmed rumors circulated that he, himself, had been hospitalized with the disease. His death on 17 March 2021 was attributed to a long-standing heart issue by the government.

Watch the video below:

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Shatta Wale – Blow up Ft Skillibeng finally out

The much-anticipated song, ‘Blow Up’ by Shatta Wale featuring Skillibeng drops today.

  • Shatta Wale links up with East Syde Records dancehall artist, Skillibeng for this Gold Up production dubbed ‘Blow up.’

Award-winning Ghanaian dancehall musician and producer, Shatta Wale comes forth with this beautiful well-crafted record titled ‘Blow Up‘ featuring ace Jamaican Reggae/dancehall sensation, Skillibeng.

“Blow Up” by Shatta Wale featuring Skillibeng happens to be the first single off his yet to be released album “Gift of God.”

This collaborative effort has been stamped as a ‘historic collaboration” on account of how esteemed these acts are in their respective regions. Turning our attention to Skillibeng, he is currently generating a big buzz in the Eastern end of Jamaica with his witty and unique delivery.

Buy/Stream/Download “Blow Up” by Shatta Wale Ft Skillibeng below:

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Dr. McKorley to support sports activities in Ada


Dr. Daniel McKorley has said to support and expand sports activities in Ada.

Ghanaian business magnate, founder, and chief executive officer of McDan Group of Companies, Dr. Daniel Mckorley has shared his passion for sports and how he invested in sustainable sports projects and activities that deliver wider social benefits.

We have all seen the power that sports have in changing lives and communities. This is why, Dr. Daniel Mckorley, in his own small way, tried to invest in sustainable sports projects and activities that deliver wider social benefits; be it to drive better health outcomes, combat social crimes, build bridges between communities, or tackle social inequalities.

This is the reason why he was excited to see the 2021 edition of the McDan Ada Youth Tournament, held at the McDan La Town Park, which saw Adjumanikope beat Tamatoku 6-5 on penalties to earn the bragging right as the champions of Ada.

Gracing the occasion as special Guests of Honour were Dr. Daniel McKorley and former Black Stars captain, Stephen Appiah as well as ex-Black Stars players, Augustine Arhinful and Laryea Kingston.

Special Guests of Honor

He believed that by removing existing barriers to sport and activity, we can all be part of a bigger picture of work that helps to address many of society’s biggest challenges, especially as some of the participating teams were from Sege, Tamatoku, Big-Ada, Ada Foah, Goi, Kasseh, Toflokpo, Nakomkope, and Adjumanikope.

More than ever before, everyone at Electrochem Ghana Limited will be investing in and thinking creatively about ways to support and expand activities in Ada so sports is no longer merely about how many people take part, but rather how sport can have a meaningful and measurable impact on improving people’s lives in the community,” he said.

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Matchday: Arsenal vs Olympiacos Predictions


Arsenal vs Olympiacos predictions for Thursday’s Europa League fixture at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal holds a comfortable 3-1 lead ahead of their second encounter with Olympiacos. Read on for all our free predictions and betting tips.

Both Teams To Score

  • Tip Reasoning
  • Both teams have scored in seven of Arsenal’s last eight matches.
  • Both teams have notched in nine of Olympiacos’ last ten games.
  • Arsenal beat Olympiacos 3-1 when the teams met in Greece last week.

Olympiacos produced a major shock when they beat Arsenal on their last visit to the Emirates a year ago, and while a repeat of that upset on Thursday is unlikely, the evidence suggests the Greeks can trade blows with their more illustrious hosts.

The Gunners carry a comfortable 3-1 lead into this week’s Last 16 second-leg tussle after their triumph in Greece seven days ago, and that was the seventh time in eight fixtures involving Arsenal where both teams scored.

Olympiacos meanwhile, have scored at least once in each of their last 24 matches in all competitions, and both teams found the net in nine of the most recent ten of those contests.

With just a record of just one clean sheet between them in their last 20 fixtures combined, Arsenal and Olympiacos have similar defensive issues, and backing both teams to score when they face off in Thursday’s second-leg is advised as a result.

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Why most students fail this challenge?

Most Stanford students fail this challenge. Here’s what we can learn from their mistakes.

You are a student in a Stanford class on entrepreneurship. Your professor walks into the room, breaks the class into different teams, and gives each team five dollars in funding. Your goal is to make as much money as possible within two hours and then give a three-minute presentation to the class about what you achieved. If you’re a student in the class, what would you do?

Typical answers range from using the five dollars to buy start-up materials for a makeshift car wash or lemonade stand, to buying a lottery ticket or putting the five dollars on red at the roulette table. But the teams that follow these typical paths tend to bring up the rear in the class.

READ ALSO: 11 Step Guide to Starting a Business

The teams that make the most money don’t use the five dollars at all. They realize the five dollars is a distracting, and essentially worthless, resource.

So they ignore it. Instead, they go back to first principles and start from scratch. They reframe the problem more broadly as “What can we do to make money if we start with absolutely nothing?” One particularly successful team ended up making reservations at popular local restaurants and then selling the reservation times to those who wanted to skip the wait. These students generated an impressive few hundred dollars in just two hours.

But the team that made the most money approached the problem differently. They realized that both the $5 funding and the 2-hour period weren’t the most valuable assets at their disposal. Rather, the most valuable resource was the three-minute presentation time they had in front of a captivated Stanford class. They sold their three-minute slot to a company interested in recruiting Stanford students and walked away with $650.

The five-dollar challenge illustrates the difference between tactics and strategy. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to different concepts. A strategy is a plan for achieving an objective. Tactics, in contrast, are the actions you undertake to implement the strategy.

The Stanford students who bombed the $5 challenge fixated on a tactic—how to use the five dollars—and lost sight of the strategy. If we focus too closely on the tactic, we become dependent on it. “Tactics without a strategy,” as Sun Tzu wrote in the Art of War, “are the noise before defeat.”

Just because a $5 bill is sitting in front of you doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for the job. Tools, as Neil Gaiman reminds us, “can be the subtlest of traps.” When we’re blinded by tools, we stop seeing other possibilities in the peripheries. It’s only when you zoom out and determine the broader strategy that you can walk away from a flawed tactic.

What is the $5 tactic in your own life? How can you ignore it and find the 2-hour window? Or even better, how do you find the most valuable three minutes in your arsenal?

Once you move from the “what” to the “why”—once you frame the problem broadly in terms of what you’re trying to do instead of your favored solution—you’ll discover other possibilities lurking in plain sight.

By: Edem Agbana.

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Kwaw Kese introduces new act “Richie Badda” with brand new tune and video

New Visual For Smile By Richie Badda Featuring Kwaw Kese, Produced By Skonti.

  • First Song From The Newest Act Signed Under MadTime Ent in Partnership With Sunset Radio.

Fast-rising artist Richie Badda dishes out his new banger titled “Smile” which features Kwaw Kese as production credit goes to Skonti.

Kwaw Kese has decided to concentrate more on helping some good acts on the Streets to shine. He unveils the new act Richiebadda to the mad-time entertainment by releasing “smile”.

His management believes they are bringing out a brand that will cut across every part of the Globe and will never disappoint their fans and loyalist who believe in what they stand for.

According to the MadTime signee, his stay in Ada has been a great blessing and an experience for him.

As I came to Ada, they really accept me in a polite way, it’s really nice meeting the people of Ada.”

It was massively nice meeting Atswei Franaalo and Addi Vora.” he added.

Watch Richie Badda Smile ft Kwaw Kese below:

THANK YOU for constantly reading our stories. Kindly like, comment, and SHARE stories on all social media platforms for more entertaining updates!

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Uganda’s Bobi Wine addresses parliament on human rights violations by Museveni


Bobi Wine has addressed Parliament on the continuing gross human rights violations by President Museveni and his regime.

Uganda’s Opposition figure Bobi Wine is calling for peaceful protests in the aftermath of presidential elections, charging that electoral authorities are “grappling with forged results” that showed a victory for President Yoweri Museveni.

Bobi Wine, a singer, and lawmaker whose real name is Kyagulanyi SentamuBobi on Wednesday addressed the Parliament on the continuing gross human rights violations by Gen. Museveni.


Madam Speaker,

First of all, let me take this opportunity to convey my condolences to you for the loss of your daughter and commend you for being strong in this very difficult time.

I am addressing this Parliament for the first time since the elections of 14th January which were marred with massive rigging. The campaigns were filled with unprecedented levels of violence and brutality where very many of our supporters were murdered while others sustained grave injuries.

But despite all the irregularities and violence, I am convinced that I won the election decisively and I disagree with the results that were announced. I am sure many Ugandans agree that what we had was the most rigged election in our country’s history!

Madam Speaker, I decided to petition the Supreme Court, but because of the clear bias that was manifested from the onset, I decided to withdraw the Petition from the supreme court and take these matters back to the people of Uganda.

Madam Speaker, I have given this background to speak to the danger which we face as a nation. Government institutions have been reduced to serving the interests of an individual instead of serving the people. This Parliament, therefore, has an opportunity to redeem its image and show that it can stand with the people.

Madam Speaker, as we comfortably sit here in this August House, Ugandans are being abducted daily by security operatives in notorious vehicles called ‘drones’. They are being held in unknown detention centers, military barracks, and various torture chambers across the country.

Just yesterday Madam Speaker, two young supporters of ours, a 24-year-old Nhetto who is our cameraman, and the NUP youth chairman for Mosque zone in Kibuli, a one Busonga Najib, were brutally abducted by heavily armed men in plain clothes. The abductions were captured on camera.

Those who have been lucky to return have spoken of being subjected to unspeakable torture and brutality while in detention! Some of our people have been castrated, others have had their eyes and fingernails plucked out, their limbs were broken and they have been subjected to advanced forms of torture like water boarding and electrocution. Madam Speaker, several women have told us they were women have been raped in detention!

Many of our other supporters, such as Rogers Ssemakula of Mukono district have shown up dead- murdered by the state! Only yesterday, a young man Luuka Fabian who was kidnapped from Arua badly tortured, and dumped in Nakawa passed on and he will be buried tomorrow in Arua!

We wonder if we still have a Constitution in this country. What happened to the requirement to have arrested persons presented before courts of law within 48 hours?

What happened to the prohibition against torture, which is a non-derogable right? Why are civilians being tried by military courts? Why are they charged in the absence of their lawyers and relatives, Madam Speaker?

Today marks 71 days since my entire campaign team was arrested and imprisoned in Kitalya on bogus charges and they are being tried by a military court. After being granted bail by a civilian court, they were immediately re-arrested by the military! Why are civilian political prisoners tried in military courts?

Madam Speaker, President Museveni has come out and acknowledged that it is on his orders that these, our supporters have gone missing. I want to imagine that all of us, regardless of which political party we belong to, understand that our Constitution provides for the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial. Isn’t it then unfortunate that President Museveni has convicted our people for terrorism and treason like he has been saying and sentenced them to torture and long periods of detention without trial? Should we sit here comfortably while this continues?

Madam Speaker, last week, the Deputy President of NUP for Central Region, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga laid before this House a list of 423 NUP supporters who were abducted and are still missing. Today they are many more.

I once again request this Parliament to order for the immediate release of the abducted people and all the political prisoners. Ugandans are demanding that security agencies #ReturnOurPeople dead or alive and stop trying civilians in military courts.

I know that they may ignore any resolution made by this Parliament just like they have done before. But let this Parliament be on record and assure the mothers, fathers, wives, daughters, and sons of this nation that it cares about their loved ones.

Secondly Madam Speaker, we are demanding for an audit into the election of January 2021.

Honorable members, it is in the interest of this Parliament to take lessons from our own history. This country has been in a similar situation before.

In the 1980s, an election was rigged using security forces. President Museveni castigated the courts at the time for being used by President Obote to give his regime a semblance of legitimacy. Ugandans were disappearing and being kidnapped in what was called panda gari.

Today in 2021, we are back to this point, or even worse. Even peaceful demonstrations that are within the law have been criminalized and citizens are being treated like armed rebels.

This Parliament, under you Madam Speaker, can rise to the occasion and distinguish itself by doing the right thing. This Parliament has an opportunity to stand on the right side of history. But if it does not, the people of Uganda will invoke Article 3 of the Constitution and take these matters upon themselves, and seek to restore constitutional rule.

I am not sure how many more times I will be able to address this Parliament as MP, hopefully, the next time I address this house, I will be President, but I want to remind this Parliament that the people of Uganda are running out of patience. We can choose to be remembered as a Parliament which stood with the citizens or as a Parliament that turned a blind eye to all these grave Human rights violations.

Thank you.

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TiDraps drops a headbanging song titled “Prodigal Son”

TiDraps has released another banger dubbed “Prodigal son.”

Rap music is nothing new to Ghana, which has seen the rise of plenty of local stars in the last couple of years, but there is something different about the latest movement from Ada, that has brought recognition to the “Ga-Dangme” subculture.

The truth is, making the list of lyrical monsters in Ghana in the game of rap cannot be left out TiDraps.

The Ada boy with different touch is simply intoxicated with bars, punchline, wordplay, and all the elements that make rap song complete considering the lyrical content of his new single titled “Prodigal Son”.

His music style has a feel of the Dangme dialect, pidgin, and English on hip-hop, hiplife, afrobeat instrumentation.

After the release, “TiDraps” felt excited about the fan’s reactions and was convinced the song would be a top hit that would make waves.

This is a song for all music lovers and I expect it to gain traction considering the lyrical vibes from me.” he added.

TiDraps “Prodigal son” is mixed and produced by Tattoo.

Listen, and share your views in the comment section below:

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Ghanaian Gospel Rapper “iNorb” drops “revelation”

“iNorb” has released an electrifying single titled “Revelation.”

Ghanaian Gospel Rapper, Asamoah Norbert, known in showbiz as “iNorb” has been bringing his unique perspective of Rhythm and Poetry (RAP) to an entirely new level.

Ghanaian Gospel Rapper, Asamoah Norbert

Urban Gospel is now bagging attention and trends in Ghana and now being presently acknowledged as a genre.

No matter the happenings around us, it is still true that God inhabits the praise of His people. Yes, a time like this requires solemn reflection on the majesty of God.

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Upcoming Ghanaian Gospel Rapper, “iNorb” ushers you into that perfect atmosphere to worship Your Maker amidst all the happenings with his new single titled “Revelation.”

According to Norbert, he’s on a mission to spread the word of God.

Listen to it prayerfully and worship from your heart and watch the power of God manifest in your life and environment.


Inorb-revelation-produced by-virgen beat

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Michelle Obama opens up about mental health struggles during Covid-19 pandemic

Michelle Obama tackles the stigma around depression.

The former first lady Michelle Obama spoke candidly in an interview with People Magazine published Wednesday about her struggles with low-grade depression during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges of 2020, encouraging Americans to speak more openly about their mental health.

“Depression is understandable in these circumstances, during these times,” she said in an interview with People magazine. “To think that somehow that we can just continue to rise above all the shock and the trauma and the upheaval that we have been experiencing without feeling it in that way is just unrealistic.”

“This is one of the reasons why we need to talk more about mental health because everybody deals with trauma, anxiety, the difficulties in different ways,” Michelle said in a video posted on the People’s website.

Last summer, Michelle revealed on her podcast that she was suffering from “low-grade depression” during the height of the pandemic, racial reckoning in the US, and political strife.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama reveals she has low-grade depression

For the issue’s cover article, Obama told People magazine that she “needed to acknowledge what I was going through, because a lot of times we feel like we have to cover that part of ourselves up, that we always have to rise above and look as if we’re not paddling hard underneath the water.”

“We had the continued killing of Black men at the hands of police. Just seeing the video of George Floyd, experiencing that eight minutes. That’s a lot to take on, not to mention being in the middle of a quarantine,” she said.

Michelle also told People magazine that she has been vaccinated for Covid-19.

“I encourage everyone to get a vaccine as soon as they have an opportunity,” she said.

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MST CEO, Sahano surprises members with birthday giveaways

Young CEO, Sahano surprises group members as he celebrates his 26th birthday.

Social media can be used for a lot of positive changes when used right. Aside from the fun that we all sign up for, it’s a platform where we can genuinely help people in need — not just financially but emotionally and a lot of other ways for the benefit of humanity.

It is at the back of this aim of achieving positive results that Sahano formed groups on Facebook called, MST (More Success Team) and Great Dangme United.

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The young UK-based Ghanaian social media personality announced in a post that he was in a happy mood and feels like surprising fans, moments later, clips surfaced online showing the young CEO shocking fans with amazing giveaways.

In a video sighted by Newsfile360.com, the young CEO pulled up and throws a dance challenge to the amazement of his group members.


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Okada rider allegedly murdered at Juapong


An Okada rider was allegedly murdered in a cassava farm at Juapong.

Eye witness report says for over two hours after police attention was drawn to the unfortunate slain, no officer was at the scene.

The relatives and the colleague Okada riders are currently at the scene waiting for the police arrival.

See photos below:

Relatives and colleague okada riders at the scene

More coming soon.

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Any MP who supports LGBTQI must be evicted -Sam George

NDC’s Sam George Nartey has dared any member of Parliament to stand up and raise a word in support of homosexuality.

Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram Constituency Sam George says no Member of Ghana’s legislative assembly can raise a word in support of homosexuality.

“I dare any member of Parliament to stand up and say he will vote against our motion,” he stated.

According to him, “any Member of Parliament who supports homosexuality has no business being a member of Parliament”.

Speaking on TV3’s Midday Live on Sunday, March 7, Sam George said the laws of Ghana clearly frowns upon homosexuality and that the practice cannot be condoned in the country.

According to Sam George, no traditional authority in Ghana supports the practice and so all and sundry must care about the traditions and customs of the country.

He said those advocating for the rights of homosexuals cannot go to any court of competent jurisdiction of the land to enforce those rights as Ghana’s laws clearly abhor the practice of unnatural carnal knowledge.

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Tension at Ada Foah as chiefs uses land guards to claim properties


Ada Foah chiefs have adopted a scorched-earth policy of using land guards to claim properties that do not belong to them.

There is heightened fear among residents of Ada Foah, Azizanya, and other surrounding communities in the Ada East District Assembly (AEDA) due to the activities of land guards.

According to sources, the chiefs of Ada Foah have adopted a scorched-earth policy of using land guards to demolish buildings in the areas whose owners do not toe their line and they do this amid intimidation, threats and blackmail.

Given these challenges, many buyers become victims of multiple sales and have to turn to courts of law to seek redress. However, the long and costly processes of accessing justice in general and land litigation in particular often act as a deterrent to resorting to the formal process of the judiciary.

“I was in my yard one day when I had these visitors (two chiefs – name with-held) who came with the idea of leasing my property to other people. I never agreed to their decision. They brought in Excavators and land guards to demolish my property at around 1 am-midnight.” one dissenter, who wished to remain unnamed, stated.

He continued that people have always had it tough building on the land they acquire legally with the proper documents such as land title certificates due to the phenomenon of other people laying claim to same parcel of land without any documentary prove or backing.

At the time of the Newsfile360 visit to the area, the land guards had demolished buildings at various stages of completion; a situation that is currently causing panic and fear among the residents.

Some demolished structures

Customary land ownership is dominant in Ghana, with chiefs and recognized traditional authorities designated as trustees to hold land in their fiduciary capacity.

On paper, the fact that communities own the land increases local control over land and resource management, and related decision-making processes. Customs and statutes are equally clear that land should be used in ways that serve the interests of all members of the landowning community.

However, growing evidence indicates that many recently concluded land deals fall short of almost all the parameters of good land governance, as does the distribution of benefits from such transactions. This often has dire consequences for rural communities, including gender-differentiated landlessness, squeezed livelihoods, and environmental degradation. There have been reports of tensions and even violent clashes between communities and investors.

Disclaimer: Newsfile360.com is not responsible for the reportage or opinions of contributors published on the website.

Send your news stories to info@newsfile360.com and via WhatsApp on +233-50-579-1126. 

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Why Nigerian musician ‘Bella Shmurda’ trending

Photographs from the unreleased visuals of Bella Shmurda’s ‘Rush’ on the 4th of March have stirred up different reactions from Twitter users.

Nigerian musician and songwriter, Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, popularly and professionally known as Bella Shmurda is currently trending due to photos from his yet-to-be-released visuals for ‘Rush.’

Bella Shmurda

Twitter users were on different sides regarding if the video should be banned before the official release date.

Some are in support of the motion while others are against the motion.

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A photograph from the set of the single which surfaced online shows the Canny Consults for Oneword Global Records signee, Bella Shmurda surrounded by unclothed video vixens.

A Trending photograph of Bella Shmurda and the video vixens

Below are some reactions from Twitter users;

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Details emerge how Aduana Stars’ Farouk Adams was arrested


Shocking details have begun to emerge of how Aduana Stars’ defender, Farouk Adams, allegedly hit and killed a police officer in a car accident on Monday.

The District Police Commander for Wamfie, DSP Francis Akwasi Asante, has disclosed how Aduana Stars defender Farouk Adams was arrested for allegedly knocking a police officer down and leaving him to die.

The incident happened around 19:00GMT on Monday on the Asuotiano – Asuhyiae road, but the player was only apprehended on Tuesday, following police investigations.

The 31 year old has since been arraigned at the Wamfie Magistrate Court, where Sunyani High Court.

DSP Francis Akwasi Asante, the Wamfie District Police Commander, in an interview with Kumasi-based Hello FM, revealed chilling details of how police apprehended the player after the accident.

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About three days ago, one of our men, Constable Amos Mantey was on snap check duty with other colleagues at Asuotiano on the Berekum road. He sought permission to go to town to buy mosquito repellent with a motorbike at around 7 pm.”

While he was not returning around 10 pm, the other colleagues at the post made several phone calls to the office and some friends but he was not picking.

The next day(Tuesday), someone called to inform the police that there has been a motor accident but he does not know the person so his colleagues rushed to the place and found that it was their colleague who sought permission. He was lying in the bush without life.

We realized it was hit and run so we started an investigation. We saw that there was red paint on his motorbike so we suspected that the car involved was red.

Fortunately, for us, we got someone who had a CCTV camera that captured where the car went and parked after the incident. We took the number of the car and checked from DVLA for the owner of the vehicle.

It led to one Adams Farouk who is a player of Aduana Stars Football Club. We went to Dormaa.

Because of what happened they took the vehicle to Sunyani to change the doors and other things but we were able to retrieve it. Currently, the car is in the custody of the police.”

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Qatar to operate 28 weekly flights from South Africa


Qatar Airways is set to increase Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg frequencies from March.

The airline said in a statement that it has “applied unrivaled knowledge of global passenger flows and booking trends” to rebuild its South Africa network.

By March 2021, Qatar will operate 28 weekly flights from South Africa.

The airline will operate seven weekly flights from Cape Town, which begin on March 1. It has already increased its weekly flights from Durban and Johannesburg.

Qatar Airways Group chief executive Akbar Al Baker said South Africa is a top market for the airline.

“We continue to demonstrate our commitment to the region by adding new routes and steadily increased frequencies across the continent.”

“As global travel recovers in 2021, we look forward to further expanding our network and offering more connections to and from Africa via the best airport in the Middle East, Hamad International Airport (HIA), to our global network of over 120 destinations,” he said.

South African Tourism chief executive Sisa Ntshona said the news demonstrates that South Africa has put measures in place for safe travel during covid-19.

“We are delighted at the confidence shown by Qatar Airways by increasing its air capacity to South Africa in these challenging times.”

“This increase demonstrates to the world that South Africa has put the necessary measures in place to ensure that it is safe for travel in the Covid-19 environment.”

“Air access is important for South Africa, as we to look to recovery post-Covid.”

“Qatar Airways has an extensive global network that links travelers via Doha from our source markets.”

“As we embark on our tourism recovery strategy, having airlines such as Qatar Airways play a supporting role by increasing its capacity will go a long way in assisting us to regain the international arrival numbers,” Ntshona said.

Qatar Airways has become the first global airline in the world to achieve the prestigious 5-Star Covid-19 Airline Safety Rating by international air transport rating organization Skytrax.

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3 Gunshots heard from Jubilee House


It is unclear what may have triggered the firing of guns but residents around the seat of government said they heard gunshots blare from inside the enclave.

3news.com revealed that the shots are from guns being used by the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in rehearsals ahead of the 64th Independence celebrations.

Also, 3news.com disclosed that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s independence celebrations will be held at the forecourt of the Jubilee House with a few officers.

Last year’s independence celebrations were held in the Ashanti Regional capital town, Kumasi for the first time in the history of the country.

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