Nkyinkyim Za ancestral veneration ceremony slated for Aug.7


NKYINKYIM ZA is the biennial festival geared towards the preservation of intangible African cultural heritage. It is marked by shared creativity and communal labour inspired by traditional African folklore and history.

It is also a commemorative ceremony on the progress of Nkyinkyim Installation(MUSEUM).

What is the Asafotufiam grand festival? It is an annual rich cultural display of traditions by the chiefs and people of Ada. Deriving from the word “Asafotufiami” which in Dangme means divisional firing of musketry. The festival is a past enacted commemoration celebrated as a welcoming ritual performed for returning soldiers of war.

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To re-enact the historic events of the Ada people, the “warriors” dress in traditional battle attire and stage a mock battle. It is also a time when young men are introduced to warfare among other traditional rituals and celebrations.

Due to covid-19, Nkyinkyim Za which is highlighted through Asafotufiam will have both events celebrated with an Ancestral Veneration ceremony while displaying art works done through communal labour by artists within and outside together with the Nuhalenya community.

Event Timing: August 7th, 2021

Event Address: Nkyinkyim Installation, Nuhalenya, Ada

Contact us at:+233558691429/+233200932148

Register here: bit.ly/374IKm7

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