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DMA condemns attack on Radio Ada, calls for peace and collaboration

The organizers of Dangme Music Awards (DMA) led by Bra Levels visited Radio Ada to solidarise with volunteers and management following the violent attack on the station by some unknown youth in the community.

The attack which was carried out by some 8 unknown armed youth on Thursday, 13th January, 2022 at 11:30am, had properties of Radio Ada destroyed.

It was, however, as a result of the unknown youth expressing their displeasure over alleged false statements made over the recent developmental projects being carried out by ElectroChem Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of the McDan Group by the presenter and panelists of “Manor Munyu” a program aired by the station.

The said incident also saw some lives being injured as well causing fear and panic among staff of the Ada based radio station.

The organizers in a press briefing with the media on Saturday, 22th January, 2022 stated their position and has condemned the uncultured action by the said youths. They entreat the radio station to come back stronger and better than before and their second coming to put Dangme entertainment as a priority and be treated as such. 

The Founder of Dangme Music Awards, (DMA) Bra Levels also advised the youth to desist from engaging in violence act and practices.

He again, advised the radio station takes security serious by installing cctv cameras.

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MST Records; Murphy sets date for release of new song


Young Ghanaian rising star signed under MST Records, Murphy set to release his first single in the year 2022.

Following the release of his new single “Make it”, the artist shared a motivational message on his social media page to his fans.

“Replace fear with curiosity and take the bold step.” said Murphy.

This amazing song was produced by Gigsbeatz.

The song will be released on 11th February , 2022. After getting the chance to listen to this  masterpiece from Murphy you will understand why he decided to release this song in February.


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Thugs attack Radio Ada, destroy properties and assault radio presenter


Weapon-wielding thugs have violently attacked the premises of Radio Ada, a community radio station at Ada in the Greater Accra Region.

The incident is reported to have occurred on Thursday morning.

The weapon-wielding thugs numbering about 10 according to reports gathered by newsfile360.com looted some of the station’s offices and beat up two of its staff members over the content aired on one of the station’s programs, “Manor Munyu”.

They later went into one of the studios and attacked the presenter and destroyed equipment.

The Head of Programmes and External Communications at Radio Ada Julius Odoi, who confirmed the incident to Citi News, said “The presenter in the studio shut the door, when he realised that the thugs were on their way in, but they forced their way and started slapping him.”

Management of the station has reported the incident to the Police in Ada, who have since commenced investigations.

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Rahim – Bra fie (Come Home) ft. EL Temple Laws


Rahim drops this brand new song tagged Bra Fie and features EL  Temple Laws.

Ghanaian Superstar Rahim is out with his much anticipated song “Bra Fie”, which features EL Temple Laws.

Bra Fie literally translates to ‘come home’ in the Twi language – a dialect of the Akan in Ghana.

In the song, Rahim talks about how dense it was through his hustle to meet ends for family and friends.

Listen to “Bra Fie” and drop your comments below:

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Gospel singer Sister Rachel drops new inspirational album “Kronkron Messiah“


Talented Ghanaian Gospel Singer, Danyame Rachel, widely known as Sister Rachel has released a new album “Kronkron Messiah” where she aims to lift the spirit of listeners amidst tough times.

Rachel has taken her pursuit of spreading the gospel to help millions of people across the globe to realize the presence of God and his impact in their lives as she drops a new album accompanied with a video directed by Young Ghanaian Video Director “Elkay”.

The album was launched over the weekend at Kasseh-Ada, provided comfort to people who are going through tough times and bringing God’s love to people suffering while also spreading the message of hope worldwide.

“Kronkron Messiah Album” is particularly unique as it contains five songs from Sister Rachel.
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DMA 2021 Awards: Full List Of Winners


The 2021 edition of the Dangme Music Awards (DMA21) has been held.

The ceremony was held on Sunday,12 December 2021 at the Central University, Dahwenya.

The Red Carpet was buzzing as Artist from all the Dangme land graced the event.

Newsfile360.com reports the redcarpet kicked off by 6pm, and the main show started by 7pm. 

The show hosts were Dangme Showbiz Queen -Irene Amaki, Dede Mensah, Klo Dede, Akua Charisma and MCOfri. 

The audience enjoyed various performance from different artists like Tidraps, Abilonzy, Charlorson, Mamle Diamond, Kweku Origin among others.

Check out the full list of winners below;

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Dangme Music Awards 2021: Date, Tickets, Nominees and how to watch online


Get ready for the second edition of the Dangme Music Awards 2021. But who is going to win?

Dangme Music Awards are so excited to be welcoming you back to the second edition of the “Dangme Music Awards 2021” and celebrate the winners in true Media Week style on Sunday 12 December 2021. 

This is the season to hand awards out as The Dangme Music Awards 2021 are on the way and the full list of nominees for the year has now been revealed.

The second edition awards presentation and red carpet will showcase and celebrate the outstanding achievements, campaigns and teams across the ever changing and expanding media world. 

This is your opportunity to join the biggest celebration of media in 2021. 

Key Information

When is The Dangme Music Awards 2021

The Second Edition of the Dangme Music Awards 2021 is slated for December 12, 2021 at the Central University, Dahwenya.

Full Nomination List

Artiste of the year

Bra Jay 


Don Brainy


C Clark


Gospel Artiste of the year

Felix Owodo

Mama Tina


Mama May

Highlife Artiste of the year


Cmars Tee



Nat Pee

Kojo Swapo



Hiplife Artiste of the year

Fada Rock

Mr Kurugu


Shatta Bwoy


Hiphop Artiste of the year

Bra Jay


Qwesi Slim

Ice Milly


Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the year

Andy Sydaking


Kweku Grade 

De Legend

Finno Luu


Agata Sterlin

De-Gate Zion

Addi Zillabwoy

Elmoney Aging Vybz

Hiphop song of the year

Nawtyboi Tattoo – Rush

Orlando – adu lee x Hommie Tee x Kwesi Dice x Jona4 x Quecislim x Sniitch Aik

Teye Dygital – dragon flow

TiDraps – Jigah ft Minazy Yaazo x Shmc eilla Obk & SniitchAik


Esikonkon ft Tee Rhyme – 247

Qwesi Slim

Flecturezmindset – yend kom

Ice Milly – got it all

Fada Rock ft Pappino – 100%

Pj Tetteh ft finno luu – homicide

Minazy Yaazo – Tsupa me ne la

Black Spartan – Krobo Nii Baa

New gospel artiste of the year

Zion Daughter

Mamle Diamond

Mama T

Lady Angie

Minister Peninah

Emmanuel Egyir

Gospel song of the year

Mama Tina – mawu mo tsumi

Mama May ft Min Isaac – Baye

Zion Daughter – yesu atuu

Mamle Diamond – Atuu

Minister James – Merepreso ko

Reggae/Dancehall song of the year

Agata Sterlin – Real Bhadnes

Estina Gh – Nomore

Koffi Kd Ft Blimsy Uk – Bless Me

Andy Sydaking

Finno Luu – No Money Holiday

Mega De Top Monster – Control

Addi Zillabwoy – Dawhenya

Bllibwoy – All Over

Balsamboi – Last Killer

De-Gate Zion Ft Henri Da Star – Ooh La La La

Ithrone Ft Banks 99 – Kasstown

Kweku Grade – Ghetto High

Masaany – Eye Red

Hiplife Song Of The Year

Bra Jay – Nokobe

TiDraps – Ohia

Abilonzy – Dede yomor

LD – Can’t Let You Go

One blow Gh-rose-flower

Tubidi – Twe Ben me

Fada rock – Akwele

M.T.K (Mantsokpout) – Friday Party

Highlife song of the year

Akuafo Plase- Sanya Bordor

Mike Dives – Akua

ANDY SYDAKING Ft Koo Ntakra – Daavi

Tobee Osako – Kashi Mi

Kojo Swapo – Ohemaa

Abilonzy – Education

Songbird – Ye Okormor (Chop Matter)

Nat Pee – Awenya Dede

J Destini – Dedeede

C CLARK – Kumiwaa

Tidraps – Ohia

Bra Jay  – Nokobe

Futureboyy – Hard Time

Nenebi – Asor

M.T.K (Mantsokpout) – Mansa Remix

New artiste of the year

Pordor Kake

Hardcore Original


Kweku Grade

Ice Milly

Andy Sydaking


Black Spartan


Teye digital

Password De Rogue

Most popular song of the year

Tidraps – Jigah Ft Minazy Yaazo X Sheilla Obk & Sniitch Aik

Abilonzy – Dede Yomor

LD –I Can’t Let You

Bra Jay – Make Money

Don Brainy – Hustle Go Pay

ABILONZY- Dede Yomor

Mega De Top Monster –  We Move​

Charlorson – That Thing

Kweku Grade – Ghetto High

M.T.K (Mantsokpout) – Friday Party

BMG – The Dance

Zatochi – Mawulede

Best rapper of the year


Minazy Yaazo


Mike Dives

Hardcore Original



Pordor Kake

Don Brainy 


Qwesi Slim 

Gam Salvation

Afrobeat/afro pop of the year

Its Anero

Chriss E 


King Bongoli


Alexy Y2k

Don Brainy 

Akuafo Plase

El Natrous



D Brain



Pea Bady

Stage Waany

Best collaboration of the year

Mike DiveS ft Vvviel Sword x Pazzwed x Skybeez x Bankz99 – 

TiDraps ft Minazy Yaazo x Sheilla OBK x Sniitch Aik – Jigah

C-Clark-Normal-Ft Cryxtal-X-Psam-X-Kwame Tee

Sniitch-Aik X Bosstin X Tidraps – Kumerican Flow remix

LD ft NATTY LEE – Anything

King Bongoli ft. Kwame Prosper – Korkor

DE-GATE ZION ft Henri Da Star – Ooh la la la

Esikonkon ft Nero x – Ejorme

Pj Tetteh ft finno luu – homicide

Fada Rock ft Pappino – 100%

Tubidi ft Alfred – twe ben me

Best group of the year



Best music video of the year

Bra Jay – Make Money

Raph enzee – friendzone

ANDY SYDAKING – Freedom Never Free

Akuafo Plase – Sugar

Agata Sterlin – Real bhadness

Mega De Top Monster – we move

Mama Tina – mawu mo tsumi

Gussy Dinkx – hustle

EL Natrous – shantel

ABILONZY- dede-yomor

Mr Kurugu – Obukaa nyam

Blogger of the year

Mr. Smartt



Davcado promotions


Ghedutainment – Isaac Kwasi

Online influencer of the year

Adolf NOMO


Producer of the year

EL Natrous


Nawtyboi Tattoo


Sound engineer of the year

Mr. Guru (CBC Studioz)

Kojo Pekels GH

EL Natrous


Best radio Dj of the year

Dj Temple

Dj Lomo

The Masked Dj

Dj Kelly

Dj Edem

Selecta Koxtereo

Promise Dugbatey

Best event Dj of the year

Dj Kwality

De Unstoppable Dj Liberty

Holy Dj

Dj Caro

The Masked Dj

Dj Edem

Dj Sconzy

Video director of the year

Bra Eduaba


Mr. Smartt


Best international artiste of the year

Isa Bella Bellow

Zion Daughter

Queen Ella

Best Ep/Album of the year

Bra Jay – Grand Gallery

C CLARK – Code of Life

Enzee not envy

Ice Milly – Dreamwork Ep

Song writer of the year

C Clark



Mike Dives

EL Natrous


Best male vocalist

Bra Jay

El Natrous

Password De Rogue

Best female vocalist

Zion Daughter


Mama May


Entrepreneur of the year


Isaac Yankey

Isaac Abban

Koko Avalon

Fanbase of the year


unlawful official


Rock movement

Yaazo Nation

Mc Roger & Friends

Mc of the year

Mc Roger

Mc Sugar

Mc Selfmade

Mc Jayniel

Radio Personality of the year

Klo Dede

Naa Astwei

Selecta Koxtereo

Emmanuel Akwesi

How to watch The Dangme Music Awards 2021 Online

You have several choices of where to watch the awards, and here they are;

YouTube – Dangme Musik


For your ticket reservations, kindly call or WhatsApp +233 24 857 2268

Visit https://www.dangmemusicawards.com

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MST Records: Skare releases much anticipated single ‘Come Again’


2021 started so well for MST Records and new female signee, Skare Dem known for her versatility.

Skare Dem has proven once again to be the most consistent and fastest growing female face on the record label with the release of her much anticipated new single “Come Again”. 

Despite such short notice, the song had already became popular before it’s release.

The new single which already made rounds before its release date is actually worth the hype and it will definitely make its way to the top.

‘Come Again’ is a mid-tempo groove with a blend of afrobeat, with classical composition and perfect lyrical contents.

The song is produced by Nuuh Qhola Beatz.

“Come Again” is officially out on YouTube.

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Zatochi to Host Listening Party for New Album “Thanks & Praise”


In anticipation, Zatochi is set to host a classic album listening event in Ada on Sunday night.

Ghanaian Fast-rising Star, Elias Kwarteng popularly known as Zatochi will shepherd the arrival of his new album “Thanks and Praise” with a listening party at the Kemmat Hotel in Ada, Greater Accra on November 28th. The show is scheduled to begin at 7pm GMT.

Zaga will be putting up a dazzling performance at the Kemmat Hotel.

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I slept with my friend’s ex-boyfriend – should I tell her about it?


I’m single, but during the second lockdown I fell back in touch with my friend’s ex-boyfriend, who I’d always got on very well with. I was sad to lose contact with him after the break-up, but unsurprised as I figured he just wanted to move on with his life. But then he contacted me out of the blue, years later, to see how I was doing. We ended up agreeing that he would visit me for a proper catch-up.

One thing led to another, and we ended up sleeping together. Since then, we’ve been messaging fairly regularly and while it’s very early days, I think we do have feelings for each other. There’s been an indication from both sides that we’d like to meet up again but we haven’t made any definite arrangement. There are other complications that could get in the way of anything serious happening, but my biggest concern is how my friend might react to finding out.

While it’s been years (as far as I know) since they’ve spoken and they’ve definitely both moved on with their lives in major ways, I know her well enough to think she could take it badly. I’m concerned that telling her now, before me and him have even talked about whether we want to take this further, could create unnecessary upset – but not telling her (and then seeing him again) would feel like lying to her. What should I do?

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E/R: Mpraeso MP meets baby born in the middle of road


A male community nurse at Amartey CHIPS in Kwahu District, identified as William Otoo, has won the praise of many after he delivered a pregnant woman in labour right in the middle of a road.

On Monday 1st November 2021, a story broke that a young lady referred to the Kwahu Government Hospital had given birth while being transported.

The Member of Parliament for Mpraeso Constituency, Hon. Davis Opoku Ansah, visited the young mother and baby at the hospital and supported them. 

He visited them the next day at Amatey to check on the baby and show appreciation to the young nurse. 

The MP promised to deliver a tricycle ambulance to support health care delivery in the area. He also appealed to the government to help construct or reshape the Adawso-Nketepa-Amatey-Amanfrom road. 

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Tidraps, Finno Luu others make history at DMA21 nomination jams


Ghanaian Rising stars, Tidraps, Finno Luu, and others ignited the ‘Dangme Music 2021 Nominations Jams’ when they took to the stage as they produced an electrifying and memorable performance over the weekend.

The hundreds of fans gathered at the Somanya Royal Hotel in the Eastern Region to witness the biggest Nominations Jams outside Greater Accra were taken by surprise with the stage appearance of Tidraps, Finno Luu, Zatochi and many others.

Reigning Artist of the Year, Tidraps has made a surprise appearance at the event demonstrated why he is considered one of Ghana’s best performers when he thrilled fans with back to back hits.


Dangme Music Awards 2021 nominee, Finno Luu didn’t disappoint on stage having showcased his lyrical vibes with the likes of Zatochi, Ithrone, Bra Jay, also putting up a good show.

The event hosted by iShoot Media witnessed an amazing display of Ga-Dangme arts and culture which preceded the musical show with visitors from all over the country.

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Fans Confused After Medikal’s Look-Alike Popped Up On Social Media


Social media users have been left confused after a look-alike of Ghanaian Hip Hop Musician, Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known as Medikal surfaced online with some photographs which almost got fans to believe it was MDK himself.

A close view of him depicts the true replica of the “Omo Ada” Hitmaker.

In a photo sighted by Newsfile360.com, the MDK look alike was spotted in a black Hoodie and a black face mask.

The look-alike who goes by the name B’Doe also happens to be a huge fan of Medikal.

Per our findings, B’’Doe is a video director and Fashion Icon.

B’Doe is the exact photocopy of the “Risky” hitmaker. He has the same hairstyle and somehow portrays a similar voice. 

Well, one might think B’Doe admires Medikal so much to the extent of copying his looks but in this case, B’Doe is in with his own style and brand.

As a reminder, Reggae/Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale and industry mate, Medikal, have been granted a ¢100,000 bail each.

The duo reappeared before an Accra Circuit Court on Tuesday, October 26, to continue their respective legal battles.

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Mother surprises Comedian Waris at ‘Seriously Unserious’ show

Comedian Waris latest photo with mom has tugged on everybody’s heartstrings.

  • One hard-working mom’s reaction to the surprise of a lifetime will give you all the feels.
  • Comedian Waris ‘Seriously Unserious’ show receives huge patronage.
  • A Ghanaian woman who worked as a security guard and raised her children as a single mom got the surprise of her life when she saw her son cracking ribs of his fans on stage at the ‘Seriously Unserious’ show over the weekend.

It was a full house as hundreds thronged the Snap Cinemas, Accra, Saturday to watch Comedian Waris as a headliner of a show for the first time, six years after venturing into standup comedy.

Considering that the event was widely publicized with a tall list of performers which included colleagues DKB, OB Amponsah, Lekzy Decomic, Alo Wess and MJ the Comedian, patrons were in anticipation of a great night.

Comedian Waris mounted the stage amid resounding cheers from the audience whose desire to watch the man of the night, had at this point, reached a crescendo.

His entry, although not the most epic and not the most dramatic, got off well when Black Sherif’s ‘Second Sermon’ played in the background. This song was relevant to that entry because it also sums up Comedian Waris’ life experiences in Accra, having endured struggles ranging from economic quandary to disappointments.

For close to an hour, Comedian Waris entertained patrons with a variety of content. His rib-cracking script captured the standard of living in the country, complex relationships between individuals and groups, soccer as well as social deviance.

Comedian Waris used the opportunity to encourage persons who may be swamped with challenges to not lose faith but keep their hopes alive for a change in the narrative.

Recently, a photograph was posted on Twitter that has tugged on everybody’s heartstrings. It was shared by the “Professional idiot” Comedian Waris, who is known for sharing positive and wholesome content on social media.


Mum made me cry” he captioned.

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E/R: Annas joins Adolf Nomo to donate to Krobos to mark Ngmayem Festival 2021


Educational Consultant and Philanthropist, Adolf Nomo, with support from Mr. Annas Nartey (USA), has donated to the Manya Krobo community in the Eastern Region of Ghana to coincide with the celebration of Ngmayem Festival 2021 (Manya Krobo Community Games).

The Ngmayem Festival is an annual harvest festival celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Manya Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The people of Manya Krobo will celebrate this year’s week long Ngmayem festival from 20th October to 31st October, 2021.

The Ngmayem festival is a celebration of the abundant harvest of ngma (millet). It is when the Krobo people, with gratitude and thanksgiving to their maker acknowledge his providence and care over the previous years and supplicate for his continuous bounty and protection in the coming years.

As a philanthropic tradition, Mr. Adolf, an Entrepreneur who is also Associate Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), supports the Manya Krobo community to enable them enjoy their celebration of Ngmayem.

Adolf Nomo’s philanthropic gesture to the people of the Kroboland over the years has received the generous attention of Mr. Annas Nartey, a proud Krobo living in the United States.

Mr. Nartey chose to join efforts with Adolf Nomo to donate to the Manya Krobo community this year as part of their corporate social responsibility to the people.

Adolf Nomo and Annas Nartey donated Ghc2,200 to support the Ngmayem Festival 2021, Manya Krobo Community Games.

In handing over the generous donations, Adolf Nomo stated that he was very impressed with their proposal and the idea of bringing all the communities in Lower Manya and Upper Manya together during this year’s Ngmayem Festival. 

“I will always support anything that will bring unity on the Kroboland,” said Adolf Nomo.

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Ghanaian Rising Stars Murphy Musiq, Skare Dem & MST Vybsah tackles societal challenges in new street anthem “Streetcode101”


MST Records present this amazing hit tune titled “Streetcode101” which features Talented young acts Murphy Musiq, Skare Dem and MST Vybsah.

MST Records have released the highly anticipated single “Streetcode101” on Friday, October 15, a nerve-wracking tune that seeks to tackle societal challenges.

The song highlights various challenges in Ghanaian society.

The single is produced by Ghanaian Award-winning producer, BeatzDaKay.

Talking to newsfile360.com today, Sahano, CEO of MST Records, said the song will motivate youths in their daily living and give them reason to work hard and involve God in their dealings.

“We Dey search 6 million dollars not 6 inches” Skare Dem sings. 

Listen to the song and drop your comments below:

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Meet Fast Rising Reggae/Dancehall Act Julian Phamous


Fast-rising Ghanaian Reggae/dancehall artist Julian Phamous, known in real life as Julian Tetteh Mustapha takes the word versatility to a different level with his desired craft.

Born in Shai Hills, Julian Phamous had his education at Royal Technical College (Roteco) after which he proceeded to Africa Film Village (Ghallywood Film School).

In 2010, Julian Phamous officially began his solo career and branding himself whereby he recorded a couple of single and did some projects.

It was all passion and love for the music but he started doing music professionally in 2010 after Senior High School.

He has earned two nominations at the Dangme Music Awards 2021.

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Anticipate as MST Records signees, Murphy Musiq, Skare Dem & MST Vybsah duet on new street jam “Streetcode101”


MST Records recruits Murphy Musiq, Skare Dem and MST Vybsah on a new street jam dubbed “Streetcode101” which drops on Friday, October 15, 2021.

In case you are wondering what message they have in the new single; the CEO of MST Records, Collins Adusu popularly known as Sahano said it will motivate youths in their daily living and give them reason to work hard and involve God in their dealings.

The new jam, he believes, will resonate with street credibility and eventually morph into popular anthem due to its inspiration and story.

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Google AdSense announces to move to first-price auction

Google will move AdSense from a second-price auction model to a first-price auction by the end of 2021, the company announced Thursday. 

There is no action for advertisers or publishers to take and these changes will occur automatically.

Why is AdSense moving to a first-price auction?

On display ad selling platforms, a first-price auction simplifies the buying experience for advertisers because the final price reflects the winner’s bid. Google Ad Manager and AdMob have already moved to a first price auction, and by streamlining the auction model across AdSense, Ad Manager, and AdMob, advertisers benefit from a consistent process across Google’s ad selling platforms.
This helps to grow advertiser spending confidence across the display advertising ecosystem – and an increase in spending confidence over time will benefit publishers.

Why is AdSense making this change now?

In the early days of online display advertising, ad space was typically sold to advertisers in a second-price auction, where the final price paid by the winner was determined by the amount of the second-highest bid. Over time, many ad selling platforms in the display advertising ecosystem, including Ad Manager, AdMob, and many third-party ad exchanges, switched their auctions to first-price.

In a first-price auction, the final price reflects the winning bid. In the coming months, AdSense will move to a first-price auction. This will help advertisers by simplifying how they buy online ads and make it easier for them to buy your ad space sold on AdSense.

Which AdSense products are affected?

The move to a first-price auction only affects the following AdSense products:

  • AdSense for Content
  • AdSense for Video
  • AdSense for Games

This move does not affect:

  • AdSense for Search
  • AdSense for Shopping

Do I need to take any action?

No. You do not need to do anything, these changes will update automatically.

Will my AdSense earnings be impacted?

Due to the dynamic auction environment, we cannot predict how specific AdSense publishers will be impacted. But, on average we expect the impact to AdSense publishers’ earnings overall from the move to a first-price auction to be neutral. When Ad Manager moved to a first-price auction, there was a neutral to slightly positive impact to publisher earnings on average.

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New Governing Council for Ho-Technical University Inaugurated

A 19-member Council for Ho Technical University has been inaugurated on 1st October, 2021, at the Ministry of Education in Accra to replace the old Council whose tenure expired in May, 2021.

The Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Yaw Adu Twum, swearing in the Professor, James Flolu- led Governing Council, charged them to work in the interest of the University in spite of  challenges to realise the mandate given to the University. 

He added that once the Council is consumed by the collective interest, no obstacle can supercede the collective good; and that will bring positive impact not only to Ho Technical University but to the country as a whole.

Call to Excellence & USP

The Hon. Minister in commending the work of university, stressed on the need for the university to rise above  impediments and  concentrate on  finding ways to promote the Unique Selling Advantage of the university so as to empower the young ones to develop interest in skilled and competency based training, regardless of their grade or programme of study in the second cycle school.

He mentioned that the disturbing tradition in the education sector of making life difficult for the youth needs to halt stating that “We need to look beyond the present academic weaknesses of students and identify their strength to help them become the best versions of themselves by opening the flood gates of creativity”. 

The Hon. Minister illustrated how a visual art student could have the  potential of becoming one of the best professionals in the area of Engineering as “both disciplines   apply creativity and imaginations in their field of work”.

In concluding his address Hon. Dr. Adu Twum encouraged the council to call on him when they are faced with any challenge that will impede the realisation of the mandate given the university “

Chairman’s Response

On behalf of council members, the Chairman, Prof. Emmanuel James Flolu expressed his gratitude to the Hon. Minister for the recognition given and confidence reposed in them to govern the helm of affairs of such a great institution . He assured the Minister that the council shall endeavour to work and support the mandate to ensure the realisation of applied knowledge in TVET in Ghana and the globe to the highest level possible.

Representing government on the Council are Madam Esther H. Edjeani, Mrs. Levin Baah-Nuakoh, and Mr. Hector A. Sam-Tagoe. 

New members serving on the Council are Madam Dinah Adiko and Mrs. Agnes Balasu.

Other members of Council are on the list below;

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