Netizen threatens to torture Bridget Otoo in hellfire


Media Personality, Bridget Otoo claims that she has finally seen and met satan (Kwasi Takyi) after declaring her support for LGBTI activism.

The popular broadcast journalist, Bridget Otoo stormed Twitter to boldly declare her support for the homosexuals while adding if that’s what will send her to hell as the volatile Ghanaians who are fiery against are saying, then so be it.

Following the massive support, she has lent to the LGBTI community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Life) for which reason she has been criticized by the conservative Ghanaians who are currently kicking the butts of LGBTI all over social media.

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I’m told the easiest and fastest way to make it to hell is by supporting #LGBTI sign me up, I want to meet Satan!” she tweeted.

Hours later one Facebook user identified as Kwasi Takyi sent a private message to Bridget Otoo to warn her to walk away from the path she is treading otherwise he will torture her.

“It is time for judgment, believe me, and if you don’t repent, I will torture you in hellfire forever and ever and you are going to regret it. OK!!!” he wrote.

Bridget Otoo who was obviously loving the drama welcomed Satan (Kwasi Takyi) for revealing himself and thanked him for letting her known that he is going to keep her company in hell.

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She tweeted “When I wrote that I wanted to meet Satan, I didn’t expect it to be so quick. Imagine my surprise last night when satan visited me on Facebook. Unfortunately, Satan has blocked me so he won’t see my response but I hope you share it with him.”

Please tell Satan to take a chill pill!”

As for the lashes, I will claim it.” she added.

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