Mother surprises Comedian Waris at ‘Seriously Unserious’ show


Comedian Waris latest photo with mom has tugged on everybody’s heartstrings.

  • One hard-working mom’s reaction to the surprise of a lifetime will give you all the feels.
  • Comedian Waris ‘Seriously Unserious’ show receives huge patronage.
  • A Ghanaian woman who worked as a security guard and raised her children as a single mom got the surprise of her life when she saw her son cracking ribs of his fans on stage at the ‘Seriously Unserious’ show over the weekend.

It was a full house as hundreds thronged the Snap Cinemas, Accra, Saturday to watch Comedian Waris as a headliner of a show for the first time, six years after venturing into standup comedy.

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Considering that the event was widely publicized with a tall list of performers which included colleagues DKB, OB Amponsah, Lekzy Decomic, Alo Wess and MJ the Comedian, patrons were in anticipation of a great night.

Comedian Waris mounted the stage amid resounding cheers from the audience whose desire to watch the man of the night, had at this point, reached a crescendo.

His entry, although not the most epic and not the most dramatic, got off well when Black Sherif’s ‘Second Sermon’ played in the background. This song was relevant to that entry because it also sums up Comedian Waris’ life experiences in Accra, having endured struggles ranging from economic quandary to disappointments.

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For close to an hour, Comedian Waris entertained patrons with a variety of content. His rib-cracking script captured the standard of living in the country, complex relationships between individuals and groups, soccer as well as social deviance.

Comedian Waris used the opportunity to encourage persons who may be swamped with challenges to not lose faith but keep their hopes alive for a change in the narrative.

Recently, a photograph was posted on Twitter that has tugged on everybody’s heartstrings. It was shared by the “Professional idiot” Comedian Waris, who is known for sharing positive and wholesome content on social media.

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Mum made me cry” he captioned.

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