Meet Amoako Boafo, an artist from Ghana that is making impact with his art.


Born in Accra osu, had his secondary education in Ghanata senior high were he studied visual art.

In an interview with DW tv he recounted how his art wasn’t recognized in Ghana, also how he got to Ghanata and saw a pencil art on a board that he loved but the entire class was laughing at the art work because it was not the normal drawing they were used to. That made him to hide his drawings to prevent the class from laughing at him.

People not showing interest in his artwork didn’t discouraged him but he rather pursued his art dream. What makes his paintings unique is the use of his fingers to complement his brush painting.

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While in Ghana, he had a scholarship to study in Austria, Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Going to Vienna made him exposed to how to enhance his work, appreciate and monitize.

In 2017 he was awarded with the jury prize, walter Koschatzky Art Prize.

Last year his artwork was sold 15times than the original price. An artwork that could have being sold less if produced in Ghana because during his time in Ghana he struggled to sell $100 artwork.

February this year, Dior infuse his paintings into its collections.Also he has been commissioned to paint three panels of Blue Origin New rocket ship that that will be launching on a roundtrip mission to space this fall according to Uplift Aerospace.

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This they said is a partnership between Uplift Aerospace and Jeff Bezos founded aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin. “The purpose of the Uplift Art Program is to inspire new ideas and generate dialogue by making space accessible and connected to human experiences” Uplift Aerospace’s CEO Josh Hanes.

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