Love brewed in a lecture hall – TA Narrates

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A Teaching Assistant (TA) has narrated how he found the love of his life in a lecture hall.

How I met my wife seems more like a telenovela.

Here I was, a fresh graduate from the university, posted to the University of Cape Coast, as a Teaching Assistant (TA) to help tutor four classes as part of the one-year National Service.

In a world riddled with so many ethical dilemmas, when you’re caught off-guard being all lenient and friendly with students of the opposite sex, you may be branded with the ‘unprofessional’ tag.

So, being friendly with ladies or finding love in the lecture hall was nowhere in my dictionary. I won’t mix business with pleasure. I upheld this principle for some time till one day, the unexpected happened.

I was late for a lecture, one day and when I went to the lecture hall, the professor was halfway in the lecture, so out of courtesy, I went to sit at the back of the class to observe him. Almost everyone’s attention was fixated on the professor. Almost everyone, except…!!! I glanced at one lady who seemed to be showing some stuff on her phone to those beside her. Her frivolity was distracting to me, so I stood up and tapped her shoulder just to tell her to concentrate.

Immediately she turned, I was dumbfounded for a few seconds (which felt like a minute in slow motion). I finally muttered what I wanted to tell her, and she smirked… Can you believe that? Such impudence!!

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That was no problem at all. I mean, it was just one annoying smirk that made me fumble. It’s not like I was going to let that get to me. Besides, I didn’t know her. Who cared about her anyway?

Unfortunately for everyone, the professor for that particular course relinquished his duties, so his position was vacant. As a result, the role fell on me, and I became the interim lecturer, and even though I was still the TA for the three other courses, this particular course became my favorite.

This was because I got the authority to have a full lecture session, set assignments, quizzes, and exams, mark them and even grade them, and NOT because I always got to see the lady who smirked at me. No! Never!! Besides, I had not even talked to her yet. Or should I talk to her?? Maybe… But how?

I set this assignment for the class with the condition that each student was to submit the assignment themselves, and not via the course rep so that I could ask each student one or two questions. Truth is, I did this just to have the opportunity to talk to this lady. To my disappointment, everyone brought their assignment except this lady.

Apparently, she had asked a course mate to submit hers on her behalf, because she was late for another class. Ah!!!

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It didn’t sit down well with me, so I asked one of her friends to give me her number so I could talk to her about ‘school’ which she gladly did. On my way to the hostel that day, I soliloquized to myself and almost rehearsed how I was going to talk to her and asked pertinent questions, “What if she ignored my calls?” “What if she found me boring?”… Wait! What??? Nah, it was not like I had a crush on her or something… It was strictly about her absence from class.

I heaved a sigh of relief, mustered courage, and called her… She picked the call, and not only was she beautiful, but she also had a celestial voice. I asked her why she didn’t submit her assignment (trap), and she told me what had happened early on in the day. So I asked for her index number to verify and it was true (still, trap)… That’s how our friendship started.

She opened up about her difficulty to capture that particular course, so I scheduled some time to give her extra tutorials. I got to have more time with her, and the crush became deep. Then one day, out of the blue, I told her how I felt about her… She looked at me with those innocent eyes as if to say, “Finally! I thought you’d never admit.” Ostensibly, she liked me too but she was too shy, and because I was her TA.

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We became closer, and even though she suggested that we became low-key till we officialize it after my National Service, but I didn’t want this blessing to pass over me. We were seen outside more often.

Obviously, this brought with it, rumors that I was favoring her in the course. I even got reported by some of the students, but truth be told, our relationship never meddled with my fairness. There was a little conflict of interest… For this, some lecturers could vouch for my commitment to fairness and integrity.

Nearing the end of my service, people thought it was just a normal fling between a TA and a student; it was not going to stand the test of time. Some were left disappointed, others, surprised as the relationship became even stronger after my service.

Long-distance was going to be a problem but we had come very far to let that happen. Besides, our love had become stronger than ‘apartheid’, it could defeat any block that came our way.

After 5 years, we became husband and wife to the Glory of God.

(Photo by Don Wilson Odhiambo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

We’ve been married for 21 months now and we’ve been blessed with a beautiful girl.

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