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Kweku Origin

Sensational Authentic Gadangme Hiplife Artist, Kweku Origin has addressed some eminent issues in reaction to the view of pundits on a show dubbed “Dangme Showbiz” on PramCiti TV over the weekend. A show hosted by Irene Amaki.

The “Abe Wɔ Nyɛɛ Gble” hitmaker laments that the Dangme Artists are doing much on their own but they need supports as well.

Read the full story below:

I’d like to address an imminent issue, worth the time and energy. Without any intentions whatsoever to disrespect any person, group, or organization. I love constructive criticisms for which reason I’d like to add my voice to this topic of discussion and wish it continues onto the very necessary platforms, like Rite 90.1fm, Radio Ada, Obonu FM, and others, so we reach a fruitful conclusion; all for the betterment of our heritage and pride as a people.

I would like to say a big kudos to PramCiti TV. An online TV channel right here on the Dangme land, who are doing so well in their quest to bring the best on the land to the view of the world. Kudos to Lord Jibril and his team for their indefatigable efforts, especially to the entertainment industry.

When I heard about their new program dubbed ‘Dangme Showbiz’, I was overwhelmed with joy. The show, airing at 7 pm every Saturday is getting better by the day and I’m so glad to watch our people discuss issues on the platform in our language.

The Host, Irene Amaki is a delight to watch. A very affable lady with an infectious smile and all the other good looks suitable for a TV broadcast. I love her flow and command over the Dangme language on the show, except that, I wish her name was ‘Awenye Amaki’. ‘Irene’ as we all know, is an English name, and for a show which aims to project the Dangme people, if not for anything, the host should fully own her Dangme identity.

Kudos also to yesterday’s panelists, ‘Bra Levels’ and ‘DJ Soul’, for their individual contributions to the issues discussed. Very laudable opinions. Now, one topic discussed, which has to with Artist Branding is what has raised my concerns. Come along I’ve been thinking about these issues since yesterday after watching the show.

Now, I should begin by saying that “Dangme Artists are doing so well and deserve to be praised than chastised”, especially the current crop of artists of our time. No disrespect to the predecessors who had tried to pave the way for us to follow. They did their best, but you and I will agree to the fact that Dangme Music is still in the minority.

Last weekend I was playing with my “Home Boys Band’ at a funeral and some section of the crowd keep requesting us to play Dangme songs for them. It got to a point I asked one of them to just whisper one Dangme song he can remember easily for us to play for them, and then that was what stopped their requests. He couldn’t just mention one artist.

Now to you reading this; please give me one popular Dangme song in Ghana? None. Not to mean that our artists are not good like the rest of the tribes.

The Asantes has this adage that “)baakofou) nsa nsu nyame eni kata” literally means “One person’s hand is not enough to cover the face of God”.

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I have always been saying this, “music is an investment that if you’re not financially stable as an artist, you’d do demos all your life which will get you nowhere. In the long run, you’d stop out of frustration and hunger.

One reason why our music doesn’t cross over is that our productions are of low quality. To get a standard production, you should get heavy hands to work with.

How many of our artists can put a Gh¢1000 together for good sound mixing?

Yesterday, Bra levels, a panelist on the show mentioned that our artist’s branding is down to zero and nothing to write home about. That’s a fact and a good observation as well from him. In fact, that’s true.

He also mentioned that nobody is forcing anyone to do music and so if anybody owns up to do it, he should do it well because he’s representing a tribe or group of people.

Personally, I think Bra Levels had gone too far with those comments on Television. I started by saying Dangme artists are doing well and deserve to be praised. This is it; music is not a one-man business, but you’d be shocked to know that about 95% of Dangme Artists are doing what they do single-handed.

These young guys single-handily work for some coins, hit studios to record, try hard to get some promos here and there, without any laid down a system to help them get any favors or offers whatsoever, all in the name of representing a people, and all you can say is “nobody is forcing anybody to do music”? That’s heartbreaking and we deserve some apologies.

For example, I can’t remember any of the songs that I recorded for free. You can’t go to Beatz Dakay’s studio empty-handed. I’ve paid monies. My hard-earned monies and I’m still paying. Just trying to get a quality production for the people.

Today, for even an artwork cover photo, you will have to pay. Even a photoshoot is commanding not less than Gh¢500. My question is, Who helps the Dangme Artist? About 95% of us are everything ourselves.

I love to offer help than chastise or criticize. Bra Levels himself is a very good video director, photographer, and also a member of the Dangme Music Awards board. He can testify to the fact that even the best artists on Dangme land if there’s any, has no help from anybody. We toil for a whole tribe single handily.

Wherever Dangme Music has gotten to, the artists fight those heights individually and the whole tribe takes the glory. I think Bra levels should offer help than chastise because we are doing our best.

As a significant board member of Dangme Music Awards, if I’m permitted, I’d question Bra Levels on why the whole award scheme never put anything in place to help even the ultimate winners, the Artists Of The Year. It’s very sad.

Of course, I got the chance to perform at the grand finale of the Naa GaDangme Beauty Pageant, which was the board’s effort, and I commend them for that. But that wasn’t it.

A whole awards scheme couldn’t put any measures together to help even one winner to reach some height after everything.

We deserve a tap on the shoulder. Of course, as they say, “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected”, but my question is, How Much Have We Been Given As Dangme Artists?

Some selfless people are doing their best for us, and I commend them for their efforts. Klo Dede of Rite 90.1, DJ Korxtereo of Radio Ada, Adolf Nomo, Ronnie Dzata, and Bra Levels himself are the few names that come to mind. But I believe more can be done.

For such comments on TV yesterday from Bra Levels, I fully disagree and demand that we deserve some apologies.

Enjoy Kweku Origin’s – Abe Wɔ Nyɛɛ Gble (Stonebwoy cover) People Dey

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