“Kiss and Smirnoff ice gets me h0rny – Lady confesses


Does Kiss and Smirnoff ice really make your clothes fall off?

We’ve established that people get horny when they take in alcoholic beverages. It’s just science. And you’ve probably heard that different alcoholic drinks make you different kinds of horny, and you, along with everyone else, believe this. Whiskey makes you frisky, gin makes you sin, tequila makes you black out and wake up naked next to an ugly stranger…sound familiar?

Ghanaian entrepreneur and brand influencer, Hierarchies Destiny Kabukie clearly stated in a new post, her biggest problem when she’s drunk and the type of alcoholic beverage that drives her into nuts.

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“Kiss and Smirnoff ice gets me horny.” She added.

Fans were amazed when Kabukie reveals the kind of drink that gets her randy.

A fan commented that “No be juju be that.”

“Information Dey ewiase oo” Another social media user commented.

See fans reaction below;

What’s your biggest problem when you’re drunk?

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