How Our ‘Baecation’ Was Destroyed With Just a Knock on The Door


On the first night of our ‘baecation’, we heard a knock on our door. Nana and I were in the middle of serious business and didn’t want to stop just to answer the door. The person knocked again.  Again, and again. Each time, the knock got louder than before. Nana stopped for a while, looked into my eyes, and asked, “Who could be knocking at the door this time of the night?” I joked, “We are both lying here together, how could I have an answer to this question?” One thing was very clear, we were both not ready to stop having our second round just to answer to whoever was knocking. Nana was stuck inside, waiting to hear the knock again, and decide to go and see whoever was knocking.

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We had traveled a long way to that resort to spend some time together. The friend who recommended the resort to us said, “They have all the facilities to keep you entertained no matter how long you decide to stay there. Their customer service is also top-notch and they serve you what you need even before you ask for it.”  So that moment when the knock came, we thought it was room service—the kind of customer service our friend spoke to us about. So, both of us were reluctant to go answer the door.

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We checked in at around 8:30pm, went straight to the bathroom to shower and that was when the first round happened. It was nothing like I’ve never seen before. Maybe it was because I hadn’t done it for so long or it was because of the anticipation. In that small bathroom, both of us wiggled and turned, knocking down everything that was hanging. It didn’t last longer than I anticipated but the joy it brought us and the fulfillment we had was all we needed to wait for the second round.

Now, here we are, locked in each other’s embrace and enjoying what we had starved ourselves for so long. Then the knock came. It was around 11:28pm. Nana got up, wrap a towel around his waist, and walked leisurely to the door. He asked, “Who’s there?” The voice responded, “Babe I’m back, kindly open the door for me.” It was another guest who was drunk and mistook his room number.

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Nana had to walk him to the reception to locate his room.

To date, I still have memories of that unfinished second round and how I thought it was the one that was going to get me pregnant. 

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