I helped a friend and got pregnant for my brother – Lady narrates

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A lady narrates how her secondary school mate got pregnant to her brother who was already married.

My secondary school friend called me one day that she couldn’t afford her hostel fees and the little money she had too she has used for school fees so I should accommodate her in our family house.

My family house is closer to the school so she begged me to talk to my parents. It was a tough decision but had no choice.

I talked to my parents and they asked me to invite her over.

She came and was very humble and calm. Mom liked her but dad never liked her.

Mom stood in for her till dad said yes.

Mom called her elder brother to inform him because he pays the utility bills and welcomed her.

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This girl came to our house and never bothered to even help at home. No sweeping, no house chores.

It’s only on Saturdays that she comes out to help Mom pound fufu even that, Mom will call her several times before she will come out.

It continued for weeks so Mom decided to call her elder brother to inform him to talk to my friend.

When the semester ended she packed all her kinds of stuff and said goodbye to us, we were relieved because she became a pain to the neck for everyone at home.

One day we were there when my sister-in-law came in with tears and this was because my friend shared the same bed with my brother’s wife.

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Huh, surprised as I was I started questioning her.

Our investigations showed my brother has rented a self-contained for this girl, he sleeps there after work without going home to his wife and kids.

How can you break someone’s home for your selfish gain?? Mom processed to talk to my friend and the most annoying part was we met my brother there that faithful day. My mom calmly talked to the girl in my presence and she said she is not guilty because a man can marry two wives if he can and if Mom has any advice she should give it to my brother. After all, it’s my brother who is forcing things.

Tears and regret showed on our faces so Mom stood up and said “I pray darkness never reaches you” and we left.

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Complaints again came from my sister-in-law and this time it’s worse. This girl has moved to their house because she is pregnant so Mom has to set in again. They talked to her about being in her apartment and my brother would visit before she agreed.

She said she is not ready for an abortion when my mom asked her what her intentions are, so as it stands a friend I helped is now pregnant for my married brother.

I’m in regret and pain anytime I see my sister-in-law.

Everyone in the family is blaming me including our church members.


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