How I came to love travel?


Long ago, I still remember that travel wasn’t part of my life. Instead, I truly hated to travel. But my one decision changed my perspective of traveling and made me a Hodophile_ one who loves to travel.

Let me tell you the beginning of that crazy passion. In my college years, I purposely missed the tour to hilly areas. After that tour, one of my cousins insisted on going with her to Shai Hills Reserve, a resource reserve located in Doryumu in the Shai Osudoku District all in the Greater Accra Region. I agreed with her constant emphasis. And then my life changed completely.

I, along with her and some other friends, went to Chenku Waterfalls without taking a rest for a single day. I was already tired, and she was taking me to that spot. But when I reached there, the charismatic scenery wiped out all my lethargic feelings.

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The mesmerizing waterfall under the sky adorned with the bright rainbow was soothing. I was smiling, looking at it. At that time, I realized how wonderfully nature attracts us! The feelings of joy and peace are still in mind. And, the trips hadn’t ended yet.

On the next day, we went to Kakum National Park. Before going there, I teased my friends as I’m not a child; why are you taking me to a park? (hahaha) I remembered clearly; I’d never experienced such close contact with nature before.

The fully covered area with the greenery was refreshing my soul. The cute species of animals and plants were enhancing tourists’ experience. And, when we tried Canopy Walk, that was the biggest adventure of my life. Many other tourists and I were screaming both with fear and excitement. The 30 meters above from the ground that canopy was a bit scary for me.

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On our way home back, I, who used to be a listener of all my friend’s experiences, described my escapade to all my college friends. And, they were shocked. They should be, as it was a magnificent change.

After that, no matter how busy my life was? I never missed a single trip till now. There are strong reasons behind that passion. Before having that passion, I also used to think of travelers as extravagant. I used to believe that they waste their money and time for nothing.

But now I realized that it is the purest and most natural passion in the world. Travel is not related to hiring a taxi or reserve a seat on the train to see different things. Instead, it is the way to admire the beauty of nature. It’s the way to enjoy life. It’s the source of refreshing your soul.

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I found such a firm connection with nature during travel that made me grateful for everything that nature has arranged for me. It gives me a sense of freedom—the freedom of exploring nature and myself. The travel had helped me in developing relationships with other people that had made my life more colorful. It had assisted me in observing different cultures and people all over the world.

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