G/R: Residents of Ada cry over bad roads


Residents of Ada East District of the Greater Accra region have appealed to the government to as a matter of urgency fix the roads in the area.

Residents and Motorists of Ada in the Greater Accra Region, have expressed worry about the poor state of roads in the area.

The residents claim the poor roads have absolutely affected their economic and social development.

Speaking to some residents, they described the roads as very bad and one that does not befit a community that connects to the district capital and the district assembly as such.

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They told Newsfile360.com in an exclusive interview that the poor nature of their roads, from Ada to Kasseh has been left out since creation.

Some drivers who trade on the roads also said the bad state of the roads make it difficult for them to cater well for their families since a lot of monies they acquire are being used for the maintenance of their cars.

They called on the government to fix the road to ease the burden of the people.

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