Covid-19:Mandatory hotel quarantine for travelers lifted in Ireland


The Ireland mandatory hotel quarantine systems for travelers has officially been lifted.

The country’s health minister made an announcement on Saturday saying it was to end “immediately”.

All countries have now been removed from the list of designated states.

There were about 50 people in mandatory quarantine at the time of the announcement, and they are now being released, RTÉ has reported.

The requirement was halted on the advice of Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan.

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Those arriving in Ireland without proof of being vaccinated or a negative PCR test will be instructed to quarantine at home. 

About 10,300 people are understood to have entered mandatory hotel quarantine in Ireland since the requirement was introduced in March.

Passengers arriving in Ireland from high-risk countries had to book and pay for a 12-night stay from a selection of dedicated hotels across the country.

The stay could be reduced if a negative Covid-19 test was received on day 10 of quarantine.

The cost of a 12-night stay was €1,875 (£1,614) for one person,

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At the height of the scheme, 60 countries were on the list of designated states.

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