Addi Vora accused Ypee of stealing his hit song


Addi Vora has accused Ypee of plagiarizing his hit song “Shishi”.

Addi Vora has accused Ghanaian rapper Ypee of stealing his hit song. “Shishi” by Ypee features hardcore Ghanaian rappers, Kofi Mole and Oseikrom Sikanii.

It’s hard to be original in this day and age, but some artists frequently cross the line from “being inspired by another musician” to “blatantly ripping them off.” And it happens all the time — you probably just haven’t noticed.

Although many of these artists get slapped with lawsuits, due to the finicky nature of copyright law, most cases are thrown out or settled out of court.

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At the end of the day, the best way to judge certain songs and determine if they were in fact plagiarized is to listen to the similarities yourself.

Although there are tons of artists who have been accused of copying, the following tracks are, probably the most obvious. But beware — once you hear them, you might think differently about a few of your faves.

Listen to the songs below:

Addi Vora – Shishi

Ypee – Shishi ft Oseikrom Sikanii & Kofi Mole

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