A woman to remember – Tribute to Auntie Paulina


Newsfile360.com staff Seth has penned a long tribute to his fallen godmother Paulina Azu.

Our great ancestors have left us a wonderful adage, “The departure of one’s mother to eternity terminates one’s blood relationships on earth.” Your passing away leaves many in pain.

I’m really honored to talk about Auntie Paulina on this occasion with all of you. I’ve read somewhere that “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” If that’s the case, Auntie Paulina had made a great life. She was like a beacon of wisdom for all of us. Like the beacon, she spread the knowledge to minimize the darkness of life.

And, the way she polished our minds with her intelligence cannot be described in words. That is not the words and feelings of only me. Her good deeds and nature of always being ready to help people are really worth describing.

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I clearly remember all the events of my life when she helped me wholeheartedly. She was like a mother to me. And, not only to me in fact she was a mother to many people. That is not the words and feelings of only me.

Every single person who has ever met her has the same opinions about her pious personality and wisdom. And, your nodding heads reading this tribute ensures that all of you agree on that.

She was like a mother to me. And, not only to me in fact she was a mother to many people. This beautiful Presbyterian hymn (GA Hymn 422) always reminds me of her. It makes me remember the love and association of her with me.

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I can’t forget the year 2018 when she encouraged and helped me in graduating from Presbyterian Junior Youth (JY) to Young People’s Guide (YPG).

Her soothing voice starts echoing in my mind whenever I heard or read this beautiful poem.

  • God, whose giving knows no ending,
  • From Your rich and endless store,
  • Nature’s wonder, Jesus’ wisdom,
  • Costly cross, grave’s shattered door: Gifted by You, we turn to You,
  • Offering up ourselves in praise; Thankful song shall rise forever, Gracious donor of our days.

Last but not the least, her calm voice and the most disciplined nature always compelled many to spend hours with her. I don’t remember any single event in which someone needs her and she didn’t help.

I wrote this as a result of her love and support in nourishing my character and habits. I wouldn’t be the same person if she hadn’t been in my life. Her patience and acts of gratitude make me able to stand once again to face the challenges of life bravely.

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When she was alive, she was always there to make us laugh and enjoy every moment. But now as she isn’t with us, her memories are still there to add beauty to every event.

To sum up, some people never die and she is one of them who’ll never be forgotten.

May you have the peaceful repose that you have earned.

I thank you for your many good works, For your shining example, and your words of wisdom to me and many others. Auntie Paulie, O ke nyeemi saminya!

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  1. Great woman indeed. Generations of your beloved and indigenous people of Ada will forever remember you. Rest well mummy, till we meet again.


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