A giant python met its untimely death in Fieve


A giant python met its untimely death when it raided a cattle ranch some few meters after Tongu fruits in Fieve in the Volta Region.

According to Adzovi Sika, its struggle to swallow a calf was hit so hard with a machete that it left the calf dead in the ranch.

Source: Adzovi Sika

“The beautifully chancy reptile had its head cut off with several wounds on its hard skin. The machete used on him got dismantled,” she said.

Newsfile360.com gathered that the reptile is a male and according to the residents, they are expecting the female since they move in pairs.

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From time immemorial, “aɖɔdzi” and “amu” (parts of the volta lake) has been a home for variety of snakes. And once in a while they come out to hunt. she added.

Source: Adzovi Sika

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