5 basic things a man can do to make a lady happy

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The inside scoop on how to make a lady happy.

There is often a doubt these days when it comes to knowing if a lady truly loves you or not. Sometimes the problem comes from the moment you both meet, some guys will force the relationship on the lady whose heart isn’t with you, and some ladies are fond of saying ‘Yes’ to guys who disturb them too much just to stop the guy from disturbing them, whereas they aren’t in love with the guy and the guy will be happy, rest assured the lady is in love with him.

Ladies aren’t meant to be troubled, allow the love to flow naturally, don’t force it/her; when a lady loves you, you don’t need to force it, it will just happen.

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This article will reveal 5 basic things that almost all ladies want; things to do to make a lady love you like crazy.

1. Show Her Care

A very caring guy, who showers a lady with great attention has an 80 percent chance of getting the lady to crazily be in love with him.
So guys, show her care and attention and you have her to yourself forever.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if men and women understood how to make each other happier?

2. Make Her Talk While You Listen

So many ladies don’t want to be shut while talking or disallowed to talk when she wants to. Some guys are fond of bossy characters, just want to be the one talking always and make the lady listen.

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To some, they allow the lady to talk but won’t pay attention/listen to them.
These acts do make a lady feel she’s not wanted in your life and she won’t feel comfortable talking to you. Even if she wants to fall in love with you, these acts will kill the feelings.

3. Stare in her eyes with confidence whilst talking

Photo Credit: Jean Okansey

Ladies love guys who are confident while expressing themselves but arrogance is a turnoff. As a guy who a lady will be comfortable with and feel she’s in safe hands, you will have to have confidence by looking straight in her eyes when you’re both talking.

4. Allow her to win an argument even if she’s is wrong

Making a lady lose to an argument weighs her down, and may tend to decrease the love she has for you.
There is a way to handle such a situation even when she is wrong, you will make her know where she’s wrong, and correct her but in a win that will look like she wins the argument.
Make this happen and she will not ever think of losing you.

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5. Tease lightly

Most ladies think it’s cute and flirty when you poke a little fun at them, but if you overdo it, you will piss them off. And if you do go too far with the teasing, apologize. A sincere apology can wipe away most mistakes.

Please share your thoughts. What do you want or need from a man in a relationship?

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