2,180 Children have contracted COVID-19


Out of the 49,202 people who contracted the COVID-19 virus between March 11, 2020 to November 9, 2020, 2,180 were children below 18 years.

The figure, which represents 4.43 per cent of the total concentration rate of the virus among children in the country was contained in a research conducted by Child Rights International, a non-governmental organisation concerned with the welfare of children.

The Executive Director of Child Rights International, Mr. Bright Appiah, said: “We did this because we realized that most of the countries that were hardly affected by COVID-19 also did assessment on the state of children and how they would design the welfare system to accommodate the difficulty that children go through during the period so for us as an organisation we also looked at various issues that affected children during this period.”

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The assessment of the report, he said, was based on children within the ages of 0-14 and 15-17 respectively.

According to Mr. Appiah, despite the fact that the info gathered projected a low incidence of COVID-19 among children in Ghana, there used to be a need for Government to heighten its campaign on making children comprehend the value of adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols.

“Moving forward, there must be a comprehensive nutritional plan under the school feeding program in schools and the provision of regular information on nutritional values to the general public in order to maintain a strong immune system against COVID-19 in children,”

Mr. Bright Appiah.

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