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Shatta Wale endorses Gambo’s ‘New Era’ EP


Multiple award-winning Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, has endorsed fast-rising talented Ghanaian trap rapper, Gambo’s ‘New Era’ Extended Play (EP) album.

Hooking up with Gambo in a widely circulated video, Shatta Wale otherwise known as “1 Don” stated Gambo’s songs need support because Gambo “is a great artist.”


Shatta Wale was full of excitement as he endorsed Gambo who has made a positive impact in the Ghanaian music industry within a short period.

The ‘New Era’ EP was launched on June 18, 2021, and has seen Gambo featuring the likes of veteran rapper, Ayigbe Edem, Strongman, Medikal and Sefa.

Gambo’s management has stated that the project will drop this Friday and will be available on all streaming platforms online.

Songs on the EP include: ‘No Stress’ produced by Goodboi; Beautiful featuring Sefa and produced by DJKwamzy; ‘We Move’ featuring Strongman.

The ‘Beautiful’ song speaks about the heartbreak Gambo suffered in the hands of his ex-girlfriend.

Gambo is deeply emotional about the song.

According to him, the song is one that anyone who has experienced a broken heart can listen to and console themselves.

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Get to know the budding young talent; Fysikal Dindam

Promising young talent, Fysikal Dindam, is a Ghanaian versatile musician known in real life as Abdala from Greater Accra Region, Ashaiman, where he is pursuing his music career.

He draws inspiration from what happens in his environment, personal life, another person’s life and his creativity.

Ghanaian Rapper, Fysikal

His team, ” DINDAM NATION” has been supportive of his music career releasing great tunes over the past few years.

He has released a new single titled “My Own Sweat” which is making waves in Ghana and beyond.

Fysikal Dindam is set to release the official video on Friday, 25th June 2021, and will follow up with another hit single.

“My Won Sweat” is produced by Real Bev Moore and directed by Elkay Ghana.

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Nana Adwoa Awindor shares her biggest moments on ‘Greetings from abroad’


Veteran television presenter and Executive Director of the Obaapa Development, Obaapa Nana Adwoa Awindor, has shared what she considers as the biggest point in her career as host of Ghana’s first international link TV show, ‘Greetings from Abroad’.

She made an appearance on Y107.9FM’s Y-Leaderboard Series where she shared with the host, Rev. Erskine that her biggest moments were times when she got to meet reputable Ghanaians both inside and outside the country doing great things.

“I have had the opportunity of meeting notable Ghanaians. I met Akenya. He is an artist and a musician combined and he had clientele like the Oprahs, the Johnsons and others, and this is a Ghanaian that I got the chance to interview. I was so happy that our own had gotten that far”, she said.

Nana Adwoa added, “I interviewed some young guys in London who were working in the banks as Deputy COOs and whatnot, and I feel proud that as a Ghanaian, I have gone out there and met young guys who were doing very well”.

According to her, she had the chance to meet great people who at the time were very hard to reach and she was able to build a huge network of Ghanaian community leaders and this is why she emphasizes the importance of taking the right routes as it sends you to the right places.

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Dangme All-Stars unite for ‘Time’s up’ song

Dangme All-Stars got together to make a powerful statement. Besu” literally means “Time’s Up is a collaborative message to push the “Dangme Agenda” to the top.

The seed of the song was planted during the “Dangme Agenda Project“, where dozens of Ga-Dangme artists join together to support ‘Besu’ ‘Time’s Up.

We’ve waited long enough / Ga-Dangme, Our time is here, our time is now, our time has come / And your time is up / Let’s rise,” the Song troupe sings at the chorus.

The song features Bra Jay, Hardcore, Pordor Kake, Finno Luu, De Legend, Sniitch AIK, LD, Don Brainy, Password, TiDraps, Minazy Yaazo, Teye Dygital as production credit goes to Nawtyboi Tattoo.

Listen to the song below:

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Ga-Dangme All-Stars celebrates McDan’s 50th Birthday with new song

Ga-Dangme All-Stars celebrates Dr. Daniel McKorley, CEO/Group Chairman at McDan Group of Companies.

Today, Wednesday, June 16, Dr. McKorley celebrates his 50th birthday with the “perfect” gift from the Ga-Dangme All-Stars.

June 16th is a special day for McDan Group of Companies and the Ga-Dangme All-Stars. The day marked Dr. Daniel McKorley’s 50th birthday anniversary, which the Ga-Dangme All-Stars came up with a new song to celebrate him for the good works done.

The song features Hardcore, Minazy Yaazo, Zatochi and Bra Jay, and produced by Forqzy Beat.

In the song, the artists have appreciated the vision and ideas of the Entrepreneur and the leading edge to produce a salt product where quality, affordability, and accessibility go hand-in-hand.


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Leticia’s death unnatural – Pathologist states on JHS Student


A Senior Specialist Pathologist at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital has described the death of a 14-year-old final year student of Miracle Educational Academy Junior High School (JHS) in Sunyani as unnatural.

The pathologist, Dr. Ernest K. Adjei, said Leticia Kyere Pinamang died as a result of asphyxia (suffocation) through hanging, and, therefore, unnaturally.

Pinamang was found hanging on a rope tied to a crossbar holding the ceiling joints at the school’s dining hall about 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 17, 2021, while the students had converged on the school’s church auditorium for Bible studies.

Authorities of the school had said that Pinamang left the Bible studies session — the last time she was seen — before her body was found hanging.

Her family had, however, suspected foul play as they disputed the suicide theory, and invited the police to investigate the matter thoroughly.

The body has since been released to the family after the pathologist concluded the autopsy on Saturday, June 5, 2021.

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Love brewed in a lecture hall – TA Narrates


A Teaching Assistant (TA) has narrated how he found the love of his life in a lecture hall.

How I met my wife seems more like a telenovela.

Here I was, a fresh graduate from the university, posted to the University of Cape Coast, as a Teaching Assistant (TA) to help tutor four classes as part of the one-year National Service.

In a world riddled with so many ethical dilemmas, when you’re caught off-guard being all lenient and friendly with students of the opposite sex, you may be branded with the ‘unprofessional’ tag.

So, being friendly with ladies or finding love in the lecture hall was nowhere in my dictionary. I won’t mix business with pleasure. I upheld this principle for some time till one day, the unexpected happened.

I was late for a lecture, one day and when I went to the lecture hall, the professor was halfway in the lecture, so out of courtesy, I went to sit at the back of the class to observe him. Almost everyone’s attention was fixated on the professor. Almost everyone, except…!!! I glanced at one lady who seemed to be showing some stuff on her phone to those beside her. Her frivolity was distracting to me, so I stood up and tapped her shoulder just to tell her to concentrate.

Immediately she turned, I was dumbfounded for a few seconds (which felt like a minute in slow motion). I finally muttered what I wanted to tell her, and she smirked… Can you believe that? Such impudence!!

That was no problem at all. I mean, it was just one annoying smirk that made me fumble. It’s not like I was going to let that get to me. Besides, I didn’t know her. Who cared about her anyway?

Unfortunately for everyone, the professor for that particular course relinquished his duties, so his position was vacant. As a result, the role fell on me, and I became the interim lecturer, and even though I was still the TA for the three other courses, this particular course became my favorite.

This was because I got the authority to have a full lecture session, set assignments, quizzes, and exams, mark them and even grade them, and NOT because I always got to see the lady who smirked at me. No! Never!! Besides, I had not even talked to her yet. Or should I talk to her?? Maybe… But how?

I set this assignment for the class with the condition that each student was to submit the assignment themselves, and not via the course rep so that I could ask each student one or two questions. Truth is, I did this just to have the opportunity to talk to this lady. To my disappointment, everyone brought their assignment except this lady.

Apparently, she had asked a course mate to submit hers on her behalf, because she was late for another class. Ah!!!

It didn’t sit down well with me, so I asked one of her friends to give me her number so I could talk to her about ‘school’ which she gladly did. On my way to the hostel that day, I soliloquized to myself and almost rehearsed how I was going to talk to her and asked pertinent questions, “What if she ignored my calls?” “What if she found me boring?”… Wait! What??? Nah, it was not like I had a crush on her or something… It was strictly about her absence from class.

I heaved a sigh of relief, mustered courage, and called her… She picked the call, and not only was she beautiful, but she also had a celestial voice. I asked her why she didn’t submit her assignment (trap), and she told me what had happened early on in the day. So I asked for her index number to verify and it was true (still, trap)… That’s how our friendship started.

She opened up about her difficulty to capture that particular course, so I scheduled some time to give her extra tutorials. I got to have more time with her, and the crush became deep. Then one day, out of the blue, I told her how I felt about her… She looked at me with those innocent eyes as if to say, “Finally! I thought you’d never admit.” Ostensibly, she liked me too but she was too shy, and because I was her TA.

We became closer, and even though she suggested that we became low-key till we officialize it after my National Service, but I didn’t want this blessing to pass over me. We were seen outside more often.

Obviously, this brought with it, rumors that I was favoring her in the course. I even got reported by some of the students, but truth be told, our relationship never meddled with my fairness. There was a little conflict of interest… For this, some lecturers could vouch for my commitment to fairness and integrity.

Nearing the end of my service, people thought it was just a normal fling between a TA and a student; it was not going to stand the test of time. Some were left disappointed, others, surprised as the relationship became even stronger after my service.

Long-distance was going to be a problem but we had come very far to let that happen. Besides, our love had become stronger than ‘apartheid’, it could defeat any block that came our way.

After 5 years, we became husband and wife to the Glory of God.

(Photo by Don Wilson Odhiambo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

We’ve been married for 21 months now and we’ve been blessed with a beautiful girl.

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West Africa leaders converge on Accra for ECOWAS Summit


Accra will again host West African leaders for the 59th Ordinary Summit of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) from Tuesday, June 15 to Saturday, June 19.

It comes barely a fortnight after meeting in an emergency session to discuss events in Mali. That meeting was called by Chair Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Mali was suspended from the bloc and asked to follow the September 15, 2020 roadmap.

The 59th Ordinary Session will be attended by all 15 heads of state in West Africa, except Mali, whose leader and coup maker Colonel Assimi Goïta is not recognized by the regional bloc.

Other dignitaries expected to attend the Summit include the ECOWAS President and Vice, commissioners and supporting staff, and former Nigeria leader Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, who is the ECOWAS Special Envoy, mediating the Mali political crisis.

The Summit would be preceded by the 46th Ordinary Meeting of ECOWAS Mediation and Security Ministerial Council on Tuesday, June 15, and the 86th Ordinary Meeting of ECOWAS Council of Ministers on June 16 and 17 at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra.

President Akufo-Addo is expected to open the 59th Ordinary Summit at the Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel in Accra on Saturday.

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Stonebwoy Surprises Thomas Partey At His Birthday Party

Thomas Partey celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday and his friends and colleagues decided to throw a birthday party for him, but the biggest surprise of them all was when his favorite musician Stonebwoy turned up for the event singing some birthday melodies for him.

Recall Thomas Partey during his days at Spanish La Liga side Athletico Madrid was seen on several occasions jamming to songs from Stonebwoy at the training grounds and even requested to be played Stonebwoy’s ‘Tomorrow’ song for him as his entrance when the team won their last Copa De Ray cup.

He has confessed that Stonebwoy is his biggest and favorite artiste in Ghana and even had the privilege of hanging out with the ‘Putuu’ hitmaker on several occasions. The two are notable celebrities who grew up on the streets of Ashiaman in the Greater Accra region.

The two are now on a mission of changing the narratives about the place they grew up in as it’s very notable to be very violent and a dangerous place to live or visit.

Stonebwoy performed a couple of his hit songs including ‘Sobolo’ at the event which was crowded with a lot of football stars and celebrities across the country.

Watch the video below:

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No woman can be a man’s bestie – Princess Shyngle reveals

Actress Princess Shyngle has condemned the idea of bestie between male and female.

According to Princess Shyngle, no man can keep a female as his best friend without having sex with her. She shared her own experience on how she used to sleep with her male bestie, even though they were both in different relationships.

The Gambian actress shared a post on her Instagram story detailing the delusions of some girlfriends who allow their men to have female besties.

Shyngle revealed that her first husband was actually her bestie for 10 years.

She disclosed that his girlfriend at that time believed them and allowed them to hang out together.

Meanwhile, they were busily having sex. She then advised girls not to entertain female besties around their man … unless he is 100% gay.

She wrote, “Do y’all agree with me on this one. As for me, there is no way in hell I will let my man have a female bestie. Because I remember when I was forming bestie with someone for 10 years. And his girl believed it. She would actually let us hang out and chill. And my man at the time also believed it. And 10 years later we got married. I can imagine what is going through their mind now. All my life I’ve tried having a male bestie. But all want to smash at some point. Long story short, never encourage or entertain your partner being bestie and sharing a bed, taking trips with the opposite sex. Because they’re definitely fc.king oh unless he’s gay. typo with exit I meant exist my English teachers don’t come for me.”

See screenshot below:

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No Child Must Work For More Than 4 Hours – Bright Appiah On Child Labour


The Executive Director of Child Rights International, Bright Appiah has issued a strong warning to parents and guardians against using their children to engage in laborious activities.

According to a publication by the United Nations, ”Children around the world are routinely engaged in paid and unpaid forms of work that are not harmful to them. However, they are classified as child laborers when they are either too young to work, or are involved in hazardous activities that may compromise their physical, mental, social, or educational development. In the least developed countries, slightly more than one in four children (ages 5 to 17) are engaged in labor that is considered detrimental to their health and development”.

Africa is also said to rank “highest among regions both in the percentage of children in child labour — one-fifth — and the absolute number of children in child labour — 72 million. Asia and the Pacific rank second highest in both these measures — 7% of all children and 62 million in absolute terms are in child labour in this region”, the United Nations has stated.

Saturday, June 12, 2021 marked the World Day Against Child Labour aimed at raising awareness and finding lasting solutions to end child labour.

Speaking on Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo’ in relation to the World Day Against Child Labour, Bright Appiah advised parents, guardians and the general public to desist from overusing children or using under-aged children to do hard work.

He revealed that the Child Rights Act doesn’t permit any child to work for more than four hours as it constitutes child labour.

“In Ghana, if you are below the age of 15 year, you can’t work above a certain hours. A child shouldn’t work beyond 4 hours. So, once you are able to exceed that, the indicator will pick you that you’re involved in child labour and the reason why we have stated that is because the children who are engaged in domestic activities, one of the critical things that disturb them is inadequate sleep.

”Maybe the child will sleep around 11 and wake up around 3 O’clock and have to return to work again, so once you’re able to do that, we will say that you’re in the worse forms of child labor. Also, in this country, no child is allowed to work past 8 pm. Any work that the child is doing, by 8 pm, he or she must stop. So, if you exceed that limit and the kind of work the child is doing is something that will hinder his studies, then it will also be classified as the worse form of child labor,” he told host Kwami Sefa Kayi.

He also pointed out the use of children to do adverts for monetary benefits is described as child labour.

He warned; ”A child should not be economically gainful to a system or a family. So, for instance, if you’re doing an advert, in our legislation, it’s considered as a capacity building for the child because it’s something that, when the child does, it will be beneficial to the child when he or she grows. But, as the child is young and doing the advert, whatever proceeds that comes; it should not be beneficial to anybody but it should be beneficial to the child.”

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5 basic things a man can do to make a lady happy


The inside scoop on how to make a lady happy.

There is often a doubt these days when it comes to knowing if a lady truly loves you or not. Sometimes the problem comes from the moment you both meet, some guys will force the relationship on the lady whose heart isn’t with you, and some ladies are fond of saying ‘Yes’ to guys who disturb them too much just to stop the guy from disturbing them, whereas they aren’t in love with the guy and the guy will be happy, rest assured the lady is in love with him.

Ladies aren’t meant to be troubled, allow the love to flow naturally, don’t force it/her; when a lady loves you, you don’t need to force it, it will just happen.

This article will reveal 5 basic things that almost all ladies want; things to do to make a lady love you like crazy.

1. Show Her Care

A very caring guy, who showers a lady with great attention has an 80 percent chance of getting the lady to crazily be in love with him.
So guys, show her care and attention and you have her to yourself forever.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if men and women understood how to make each other happier?

2. Make Her Talk While You Listen

So many ladies don’t want to be shut while talking or disallowed to talk when she wants to. Some guys are fond of bossy characters, just want to be the one talking always and make the lady listen.

To some, they allow the lady to talk but won’t pay attention/listen to them.
These acts do make a lady feel she’s not wanted in your life and she won’t feel comfortable talking to you. Even if she wants to fall in love with you, these acts will kill the feelings.

3. Stare in her eyes with confidence whilst talking

Photo Credit: Jean Okansey

Ladies love guys who are confident while expressing themselves but arrogance is a turnoff. As a guy who a lady will be comfortable with and feel she’s in safe hands, you will have to have confidence by looking straight in her eyes when you’re both talking.

4. Allow her to win an argument even if she’s is wrong

Making a lady lose to an argument weighs her down, and may tend to decrease the love she has for you.
There is a way to handle such a situation even when she is wrong, you will make her know where she’s wrong, and correct her but in a win that will look like she wins the argument.
Make this happen and she will not ever think of losing you.

5. Tease lightly

Most ladies think it’s cute and flirty when you poke a little fun at them, but if you overdo it, you will piss them off. And if you do go too far with the teasing, apologize. A sincere apology can wipe away most mistakes.

Please share your thoughts. What do you want or need from a man in a relationship?

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Zambia President suffers dizzy spell at public event

Zambian President Edgar Lungu on Sunday suffered an attack of dizziness that prompted a sudden halt to television coverage of an official ceremony in the southern African nation, the cabinet secretary said.

Lungu, who is campaigning for re-election in August, had been attending a defense forces Commemoration Day event, which was brought to a swift end.

“President of Zambia Edgar Lungu this afternoon experienced sudden dizziness,” said cabinet secretary Simon Miti in a statement.

“He recovered immediately and walked to the official car and returned to his residence at State House.”

Miti added that the 64-year-old was well and would continue to discharge his duties.

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Nawtyboi Tattoo leads Ga-Dangme rappers for drill experience

Nawtyboi Tattoo has put Ga-Dangme rappers on a new jam titled “Owele)ohenor.”

When the Kumerica wave gave drill currency in Ghana, there was no doubt that other artists were going to jump on it. As Shatta Wale, Medikal, Kwame Yogot, and the like have made use of the music go viral, some brilliant Ga-Dangme rappers have also joined the bandwagon.

Afropop Artist and Producer, Nawtyboi Tattoo, put other Ga-Dangme rappers on the new jam titled ‘Rush‘ (Owele)ohenor). The song features Kilo Wonder, Billo, Kweku Grade, Atswei Franaalo, CY Geezy, TiDraps, CediSL, Ataa Okpoti, DaGaBoi and Olando.

Listen to the song here:

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Transport fares increased by 13% effective June 5


Effective Saturday, June 5, road transport fares will be increased by 13%.

The new prices affect all forms of transport including Inter-city (trotro), Intercity (long distance) and shared taxis.

In a press statement, the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU) revealed that the increase is to accommodate the increase in fuel prices announced in May 2021, after long negotiations with stakeholders.

“Upon consultations, government has assured us that it will continue with efforts to prevent a steep rise in input cost.

“Government had also assured as by a letter from the Ministry of Finance that the suspension of the quarterly income tax paid by owners of trotros and taxis will be extended to cover intercity commuter vehicles to reduce the operational cost. We, therefore, encourage the government to keep to its commitment in this regard.”

In the press release, they urged transport operators to stick to the proposed increase.

“We request members, commuters, and the general public to kindly cooperate for the successful implementation of the new fares,” they added.

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Best Football Predictions & Free Betting Tips



Croatia continues their preparations for the European Championship finals as they play host to Armenia at Stadion Gradski vrt in a warm-up game. The Croats aim to build on a 3-0 win over Malta, and the bookies see them as hot favorites to win Tuesday’s clash. Sevilla midfielder Ivan Rakitic is no longer part of the national team, and, in his absence, a man to watch in the home side will be Real Madrid ace Luka Modric.

On the other hand, the Armenians have been impressive in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, with the team winning each of their first three group games. Joaquin Camino Caparros’ troops, though, will have a much bigger fish to fry against Croatia, who is a real force to be reckoned with at home. Roma star Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been left out of the squad, which is yet another reason why home win should be considered.


Home win

Correct Score: Croatia 2:0 Armenia


Stadion Miejski we Wroclawiu will host Tuesday’s friendly between Poland and Russia, the two teams who prepare for the European Championship finals. Poland has been having their ups and downs in the World Cup qualifiers, but it has to be noted that key attacker Robert Lewandowski missed the England game with an injury. The Bayern Munchen ace returns to contention, and we are positive that he will prove a handful for the opposition defenders.

On the other hand, the Russians aim to bounce back from a 2-1 loss to Slovakia. Zenit attacker Artem Dzyuba is widely expected to lead the line for the visiting team, and given the attacking potential of the two sides, we believe that both teams to score betting options should be considered. When the two teams met at EURO 2012 they played out a 1-1 draw, which is yet another reason why we are tempted to put our money on both teams to score.


Both teams to score

Poland 1:1 Russia


Slovakia and Bulgaria go head to head at Josko Arena in Ried in what is expected to be an interesting warm-up game. Slovakia aims to build on a 2-1 win over Russia, and they will surely use the upcoming friendlies as good preparation for the European Championship finals. Veteran midfielder Marek Hamsik is still part of the team, while Feyenoord attacker Robert Bozenik is widely expected to lead the line for the nominal hosts.

The Bulgarians, on the other hand, missed out on a place at the EURO 2021. Yasen Petrov’s men continue to struggle in the World Cup qualifiers, and given their difficulties in front of goal, we are tempted to put our money on Slovakia. When the two teams met in a friendly 15 years ago Slovakia defeated Bulgaria 3-1, and we predict that history is going to repeat itself.


Home win

Correct score: 1:0

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China Reports First Human Case Of H10N3 Bird Flu

A 41-year-old man in China’s eastern province of Jiangsu has been confirmed as the first human case of infection with the H10N3 strain of bird flu, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said on Tuesday.

The man, a resident of the city of Zhenjiang, was hospitalized on April 28 after developing a fever and other symptoms, the NHC said in a statement.

He was diagnosed as having the H10N3 avian influenza virus on May 28, it said, but did not give details on how the man had been infected with the virus.

H10N3 is a low pathogenic, or relatively less severe, a strain of the virus in poultry and the risk of it spreading on a large scale was very low, the NHC added.

The man was stable and ready to be discharged from hospital.

Medical observation of his close contacts had not found any other cases.

Many different strains of avian influenza are present in China and some sporadically infect people, usually those working with poultry.

Wing Ming chicken farm located in Yuen Long. A 10-year-old Hong Kong boy has tested positive for H7N9 bird flu, making him the fourth such case in the city this winter, according to the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health. 10JAN17 SCMP (Photo by Nora Tam/South China Morning Post via Getty Images)

There have been no significant numbers of human infections with bird flu since the H7N9 strain killed around 300 people during 2016-2017.

No other cases of human infection with H10N3 have previously been reported globally, the NHC said

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The moment Chelsea lift the champions league trophy


N’Golo Kante was the pick of the Chelsea players in their Champions League final win over Manchester City.

Whilst much of the credit will understandably fall on matchwinner Kai Havertz as well as the likes of Reece James and Andreas Christensen, it was the Frenchman who was, for many, the best player on the pitch.

On numerous occasions, Kante was able to stop City attacks with a crucial interception and his performance was praised by former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand.

“N’Golo Kante put on a masterclass on how to retrieve the ball, defend, break things up and then be a menace in that midfield, he controlled the game

Valerio Pennicino captured a special moment of the defender carrying Kante as the post match celebrations got underway.

PORTO, PORTUGAL – MAY 29: N’Golo Kante, Kurt Zouma, Christian Pulisic and Billy Gilmour of Chelsea celebrate winning the Champions League as Sergio Aguero of Manchester City looks dejected following the UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester City and Chelsea FC at Estadio do Dragao on May 29, 2021 in Porto, Portugal. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

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Man City vs Chelsea Prediction & Betting Tips


After outplaying star-studded PSG in the semis, Man City will be aiming to win their first Champions League trophy when they take on Chelsea in an all-English final at Estadio do Dragao. The Citizens are enjoying yet another season to remember, and they surely want to put the icing on the cake on a very successful campaign.

Well-rested midfielder Kevin De Bruyne will be the man to watch in Pep Guardiola’s team. Joao Cancelo returns from a domestic ban, while Ilkay Gundogan is pushing for a start after he was rested in a 5-0 win over Everton.

The Blues, on the other hand, proved their worth in the double-header against Spanish giants Real Madrid. First-choice goalkeeper Edouard Mendy is rated doubtful for the title game after injuring his ribs in the 2-1 loss to Aston Villa, while N’Golo Kante is facing a race against the clock to be fit for the Champions League final.

Anyhow, a close encounter is on the cards, and seeing that both teams are likely to adopt a cautious approach in the decider, under 2.5 goals betting option should be considered.

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Liverpool signs Ibrahima Konate from RB Leipzig


Liverpool has signed center-back Ibrahima Konate from RB Leipzig after agreeing to pay his £36m release clause.

Ibrahima Konate joins Liverpool for £36m from RB Leipzig; the 22-year-old French center-back was an unused substitute in both matches when the two sides met in the Champions League earlier this year.

Konate, 22, made 21 appearances for Leipzig this season including eight Bundesliga starts as the club finished second, 13 points behind champions Bayern Munich.

He will begin a long-term contract from July 1, subject to international clearance and a successful work permit application process.

“I’m really happy to be joining such a massive club like Liverpool,” Konate said.

Konate is currently with France’s U21 squad for the UEFA European Championships.

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